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Isakova Zamirakhon Rukhitdinovna

“Irfan and its place in the development of Eastern philosophical thinking (X-XIII centuries)”.

09.00.03 - “History of Philosophy” 


Akhrorova Shakhlo Urinboevna The role of national values in the implementation of social policies in Uzbekistan 09.00.04 - Social philosophy 15.10.2021 Download
Khaydarov Asliddin Nizamitdinovich Socio-philosophical problems of optimizing the culture of consumption of the population of Uzbekistan 09.00.04 - “Social Philosophy” 16.10.2021 Download
Kodirov Nodirbek Mamasoliyevich Socio-philosophical analysis of the formation of information consuming culture of the youth of Uzbekistan 09.00.04 - “Social Philosophy” 15.10.2021 Download
Mamatkulov Shukhrat Turobovich Socio-philosophical analysis of increasing the activity of young people in Uzbekistan 09.00.04 - “Social Philosophy” 16.10.2021 Download
Majitov Makhmud Abdimumin ogli Social-philosophical problems of person’s transformation in postmodern society 09.00.04 - “Social Philosophy” 16.10.2021 Download
Urinboev Davlatjon Bakhtiyorovich The originality of the theory of stratagems in modern philosophy in Uzbekistan (socio-philosophical analysis). 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 22.05.2021 Download
Togaev Nodirjon Ergashevich Role of educating of youth in the spirit of raising their nation in social development in the socio-philosophical heritage of Islam Karimov 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 22.05.2021 Download
Khudoyberdiyev Dilshod Murodovich The formation of consumer behavior among young people: content and forms, causes and consequences 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 21.05.2021 Download
Turdiboev Bozor Hudoyberdievich Methodological foundations of knowledge of socio-historical processes 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 21.05.2021 Download
Kholikov Yunus Ortikovich Moral issues of forming a culture of tolerance in youth 0909.00.02 – Philosophy of form of consciousness, culture and practice 19.12.2020 Download
Tursunov Lochin Erkinovich Sociol-philosophical problems of development of legal and political culture among young people 0909.00.02 – Philosophy of form of consciousness, culture and practice 19.12.2020 Download
Sayyora Sapaevna Abdikarimova Transformation procedures in the ethnologies of the modern uzbek families 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 28.11.2020 Download
Azizova Nasiba Bakhritdinovna The status ofthe state language asa factor inthe functional development ofthe Uzbek language (socio-philosophical aspects) 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 28.11.2020 Download
Adilov Zafar Yunusovich Environmental problems solution in religious sources 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 27.12.2019 Download
Ruzimurodov Siroj Madatovich Philosophical and aesthetic problems of establishing a healthy and prosperous lifestyle in the family 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 27.11.2020 Download
Davletov Jamshid Bekmatovich The conception of «Every family is an entrepreneur» in Uzbekistan and its innovative essence 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 27.11.2020 Download
Ashirmatov Hayot Xaitovich The synergetic analysis of the field of modern nanotechnogies 09.00.01 – Ontology, gnoseology аd logic 18.08.2020 Download
Ibragimov Elyor Khakimovich The influence of spiritual and psychological manipulation on the youth worldview 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 18.08.2020 Download
Tukhtaev Khusen Mirzayevich Reguliarities of harmonious development of material and spiritual factors in creation of prosperous life in the countryside 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 17.08.2020 Download
Bakhriyeva Dilfuza Khakimovna The Humanistic essence of Abdurakhman Jami`s sufi views 09.00.03 – History of philosophy 17.08.2020 Download
Samadov Aktamkul Rafikovich Problems of forming and development of aesthetic ideal of person 0909.00.02 – Philosophy of form of consciousness, culture and practice (Aesthetic) 16.07.2020 Download
Numonova Dildor Umurzoqovna The socio-philosophical analyse of increasing women `s responsibility in modern spiritual-culture development of Uzbekistan 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 06.07.2020 Download
Yazdonov Ulug'bek Toshmurotovich The functional role of forms of public consciousness in the organization, management and control of public opinion 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 06.07.2020 Download
Sayfillaeva Dilfuza Kaxramonovna The social-philosophical views of Abu Hamid Ghazali 09.00.03 – History of philosophy 07.03.2020 Download
Ashurova Khurshida Sag’dullayevna Socio-political perspectives of Samarkand Jadids (First Quarter of the 20th Century) 09.00.03 – History of philosophy 07.03.2020 Download
Abdivokhidov Sunatillo Abdinabievich Social and political aspects of Jadid movement and the modernity 09.00.03 – History of philosophy 06.03.2020 Download
Mardonova Feruza Bahronovna International tolerance in modern socio-spiritual life of Uzbek people (social-philosophical analysis) 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 06.03.2020 Download
Yuldashev Rustam Doniyorovich Philosophy of education–the conceptual base of development of educational process 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 28.08.2019 Download
Samanova Shakhlo Bоkhtiyarovna Socio-philosophical fundamentals of ecologic tolerance 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 13.12.2019 Download
Melikova Martaba Numonovna The historical consciousness of the youth of Uzbekistan (socio-philosophical analysis) 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 16.12.2019 Download
Chuliyeva Vasila Erkinovna Jalal ad-din Rumi’s philosophical views on spiritual-moral values 09.00.03 – History of philosophy 16.12.2019 Download
Saitkasimov Akbar Isaxanovich Laws of innovative development of the social sphere in the construction of civil society 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 14.12.2019 Download
Turabova Sevara Kattaqulovna Logical and epistemic analysis of scientific discussion 09.00.01 – Ontology, gnoseology аd logic 14.12.2019 Download
Yunusova Gulandom Samiyevna Philosophical analysis of human essence in the spiritual heritage of Abdulkadir Giloni 09.00.03 – History of philosophy 13.12.2019 Download
Abdullaeva Iroda Ganidjanovna National characteristics of economic and innovative characteristics of new national development 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 16.12.2019 Download
Sultonova Nodira Ergashovna Philosophical socio-anthropological features of friendship and Love (socio-philosofical analysis) 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon 23.11.2019 Download
Yazdonov Zikirillo Shukurilloyevich Tendency of revival and development of traditions of the Uzbek national ecological culture 09.00.02 - philosophy of consciousness, culture and forms of practice (cultural theory) 26.10.2019 Download
Khatamov Farkhod Fakhritdinovich Legal literacy as an object of philosophical research (on the example of employees of social management institutions) 09.00.04 - Social philosophy 30.09.2019 Download
Rustamov Ramz Rizoqulovich Atributive changes at the system of moral propaganda on the geopolitic challenging conditions, problems and their solutions 09.00.04 – Social philosophy 28.08.2019 Download
Akhmedova Marifat Abdullayevna Social and moral views of the thinkers of Khorezm of the ХIХ century in the history of the development of knowledge 09.00.03 – history of philosophy 27.08.2019 Download
Muminova Zarifa Odilovna Synergetic аpproach to spiritual being of the person 09.00.01.- Ontology, gnoseology, logic 27.08.2019 Download
Yakhshilikov Jahongir Juraboyevich Philosophical methodological basis of knowledge of the principles of civil law during the years of independence 09.00.02 – Philosophy of consciousness, culture and forms of practice (philosophy of law) 29.06.2019 Download
Kistaubayev Savlabek Usmanovich The role of national values on forming person’s ecological world outlook 09.00.04 – Social Philosophy 29.06.2019 Download
Kubaeva Shoira Tashmuradovna Game and innovation thinking (ontological and epistemological analysis) 09.00.01- Ontology, epistemology, logic 29.06.2019 Download
Аymatov Aminjon Qudratovich The role of environmental consciousness in the formation of the aesthetic relationship of personality to nature 09.00.02 – Philosophy of formof consciousness, culture and practice (aesthetic) 1.06.2019 Download
Khudaibergenov Abidjon Adilovich Socio-philosophical analysis of the strengthening of national-state sovereignty in the context of globalization 09.00.04 – Social Philosophy 1.06.2019 Download
Muhammadieva Oliya Narzullaevna Social-philosophical analysis of the formation and development of two House parliament in Uzbekistan 09.00.04 – Social Philosophy 31.05.2019 Download
Muzaffarov Firuz Davronovich Scientific philosophical basics of the teaching оf Ghazzali on human 09.00.03 – History philosophy 31.05.2019 Download
Komilov Ruzi Rabievich Genesis and aesthetic evolution of the Uzbek national wedding ceremonies 0909.00.02 – Philosophy of form of consciousness, culture and practice (aesthetics) 31.05.2019 Download
Khoshimkhonov Mumin Boborahim Mashrab and development of the social and ethical thought in the XVIIXVIIIth Centuries 09.00.03 – History of Philosophy 12.01.2019 Download
Mamarasulov Bakhriddin Shakasimovich The the substantial and institutional features of the national idea 09.00.04 – Social philosophy 22.09.2018 Download
MuminovaZarifaOdilovna Synergeticаpproach to spiritual being of the person 09.00.01. - Ontology, gnoseology, logic 22.12.2018 Download
Toshboyev Bobomurot Eshboyevich Social-philosophical problems of forming and developing of national character 09.00.04 – Social philosophy 21.09.2018 Download
Bekpulatov Ulugbek Rakhmatulla ugli Symmetry and asymmetry (modern philosophical analysis) 09.00.01. - Ontology, gnoseology, logic 21.12.2018 Download
Shermanov Isobek Chilmamatovich Dialectics of harmony of the process of material and spiritual production in social progress 09.00.04 – Social philosophy 6.11.2018 Download
Kabulov Kosimboy Pirjonovich Tolerance in the harmonization of national interests 09.00.04 – Social philosophy 5.11.2018 Download
Djurakulov Xusan Anvarovich The process of formation of ecological legal consciousness of youth 09.00.04 – Social philosophy 5.11.2018 Download
Samatov Khurshid Ulmasjonovich The spiritual heritage of Makhdumi Azam Kasani and its role in the upbringing of the youth 09.00.03 – History of philosophy 31.05.2018 Download
Quldoshev Asliddin Tursunovich Globalization of international environmental social-political relations and its management features 09.00.04 –Social philosophy 31.05.2018 Download
Sultanova Gulnoza Sabirovna Ideas continuity and the problems of innovation in the post-nonclassical style of scientific thinking 09.00.01. Ontology, gnoseology, logic 21.04.2018 Download
Negmatova Shaxzoda Shuxratovna Spiritual, moral and legal aspects of development of healthy competition in socially oriented market economy 09.00.04 – Social philosophy 20.04.2018 Download
Аnnаеvа Nаzоkаt Rajapbaevna The genesis, theory end practice of women’s entrepreneurship (on examples of Uzbekistan) 09.00.04 – Social philosophy 20.04.2018 Download
Yuldashev Fakhriddin Abduvasitovich Evolution of mind and knowledge in Abu Nasr Farabi's views 09.00.03 – History of philosophy 31.03.2018 Download
Usmonov Farrukh Nasirdinovich Epistemological foundations of rationality 09.00.01– Ontology, gnoseology, logic 28.12.2017 Download
Rahmanov Bakhodir Ubaydulloyevich Philosophical substantiation of human’s spiritual- psychological self-organization (Ontological and gnoseology analysis) 09.00.01- Ontology, gnoseology, logic 30.10.2017 Download
Ergasheva Mahbuba Hotambekovna Synergetic approach to the philosophical ideas in "avesta" (ontological and epistemological analysis) 09.00.01-Ontology, epistemology and logics 28.10.2017 Download
Yazdonov Ulugbek Toshmurotovich The functional integration characteristics of the institutions specialized in formation of public opinion in globalization period 09.00.04 – Social philosophy 22.03.2017 Download