Kurbaniyazov Saparboy




The goals and objectives of the Council:

The main goal of the university to create a healthy spiritual, moral, educational environment, control of executive discipline, organization, and its influence in shaping public opinion on the basis of implementation of the public administration.

The Council directed the implementation of the following tasks:

Education, teaching and learning activities in the field of:

3.1. University faculties, departments of education on the basis of the requirements of the regulatory documents approved by the Ministry of educational groups, cohort development, implementation timetables to control the quality of the educational process and to give recommendations.

3.2. The department strains regulatory requirements to monitor, on the basis of equitable distribution of the recommendations.

3.3. By professors in full compliance with the schedule of training sessions, to spend training sessions,not to spend training sessions, lateto the lesson, finish early in the course of time, controlled, their causes, analysis and recommendations to the department, the dean's office.

3.4. Internal inspections in cooperation with the departments by the teachers’ lesson, open training sessions, challenging lessons to verify the implementation of the plans to establish the required level. The necessary participation of relevant experts working group was established to study the quality of the training sessions, and recommendations.

3.5. Faculties, departments disposal, computer classes, personal computers, and other audio and video devices and the provision of laboratory equipment and to determine the status of their work, the use of laboratory equipment and facilities for the study, the level of control and recommendations.

3.6. The departments of subjects of modern educational technology training sessions, as necessary, on the basis of manuals, e-learning facilities, the creation of modern information technologies, distance learning methods of teaching, learning activities and recommendations.

3.7. Students participating in the training sessions, omission, course lesson without delay, and without him the reason to stay the course to learn to control, and appropriate recommendations. Strengthening of discipline and academic communities, the responsibility of the students to read.

3.8. Deans of faculties and students by teaching breaker on the basis of the requirements of regulatory documents necessary measures to control the clearance and the required documents on the basis of the existing record-keeping.

3.9. In cooperation with the Council of the Faculty of parents without teaching cutter family, the parents of the students to learn the conditions of the students leave the classroom discussions about the consequences.

3.10. The professor, associate professor and head of department recommended teachers to participate in the open class, department meetings and express their opinion on the boards of the university.

3.11. Training students in subjects left to work (teaching), teachers and group of the completion of the processing defined by the array of magazines, journals, professors, teachers' expectations on this issue and give necessary recommendations.

3.12. Based on current and interim evaluations of the table, as reasons for not abiding by the schedule, based on current prices, put estimates of the students, current students and fulfilled his written work and assignments fair to assess the impact the implementation of this work by the teachers to avoid familiar objectively assess students' knowledge-justice approach, such as work study and analysis, conclusions, and recommendations.

3.13. The final assessments subjects to participate as members of the working group in the form of a written or verbal conduct, control, and preparation of conclusions, recommendations for measures to identify.

3.14. Bachelor's and master's degree in education sciences, accounting provision of a new generation of educational literature, the literature information resource center fund to determine the number of students per cent and recommendations.

3.15. Course work, to participate in violation of the principles of justice and objective evaluation of control, to give the necessary recommendations.

3.16. Graduate students will first receive a written or oral test work to participate, to take part in BMI, the violation of the principles of justice and objective evaluation of control, and to give the necessary recommendations.

3.17. Master's thesis, participate in violation of the principles of justice and objective evaluation of control, and to give the necessary recommendations.

3.18. University professors and teachers' basic salaries rating categories and business activities (authentication) as the members of the jury, the calculation of objective rating of the implementation of public control to ensure observance of the principles of righteousness.

3.19. The quality of the production and pedagogical practice in the curriculum of students, the students practicing the activity carried out operations, enterprises, institutions of Directors established a working group to study the views of local inspections, preparation of conclusions and recommendations.

3.20. The departments and faculties of annual reports by the Administration out of public control.

3.21. The new academic year for students to participate in the Commission on the basis of the work of the public, admission of students, the results of tests on a contract basis. To restore the students to participate in the meetings of the Commission.

Spiritual, moral and educational activities in the area:

3.22. University faculty, staff and students of the existence of a healthy moral environment study and analysis of the causes leading to violation of the environment, and give necessary recommendations.

3.23. The university has educational issues, which will be an action plan to study, analyze, and this action does not interfere with the educational process, students’ lessons of release, the causes involve a variety of activities, conclusions, and recommendations.

3.24. Theuniversity students, to attract a variety of economic affairs, the training does not interfere with the establishment of control and leave the course for this activity to prevent about the recommendations.

3.25. Teachers assessing students' knowledge by objective to eliminate cases of fraud control measures.

3.26. In order to transfer control subjects by students, professors and teachers to prevent fraud actions.

3.27. University professors, teachers and social workers the protection and observance of the principles of social justice prizes, awarded to the individual performance of their duties honestly and in good faith, public works, cultural and educational activities are taken into account, as well as the active participation of all put the same amount of prize is permitted to control as well as recommendations.

3.28. University students, social protection, and granted scholarships to them in a timely manner, retention of scholarships for a variety of purposes, students collect money for a variety of purposes, they need books, collections of forced sales, forced to work in theaters, such as the distribution of tickets for concerts and such a path be avoided.

3.29. University students, students, private houses, apartments to improve the living conditions of their receipt, the dean of the Administration, and the departments will be controlled by these things, these things give recommendations for improvement.

3.30. According to the students by the students in their homes, schools to learn to be careful to follow the rules of the use of state property.

3.31. Amongstudents of university such as drugs, alcohol,immoral,in order to prevent the spread of the board and parents against negative activities, together with the control measures to improve the situation, to see the recommendations.

3.32. University students living in the university area of ​​the city, all kinds of criminal elements and groups are not subject to law, public order, and make learning, monitoring and recommendations.

3.33. University students in public catering places to eat and the quality of the study, the cost of advice.

3.34. To take part of thenewspaper«SamarkandUniversiteti» editorial pages of newspapers, along with education, morality, spirituality and other topics, touching, interesting, and ensuring the publication of critical articles.