Consultant on women’s and gender equality issues

Tukhliyeva Sharofat Bektashevna

Labor activity

  • 1976-1977 yy. - Teacher of languages of frans School № 1 of Boyovut district of Syrdarya region
  • 1978-1980 yy. - Teacher of languages of the school № 200 of Chilanzar district of Tashkent City
  • 1981-1985 yy. – PhD student of Samarkand state university
  • 1985-2011 yy. - Teacher, Senior Lecturer, docent of the Inter-faculty department of Samarkand state university
  • 2017 y. - Consultant on women’s and gender equality issues


Main functions and functions


  • Cooperatively organizes work on ensuring the effective implementation of state policy in support of women at the University, protecting their rights and legitimate interests, and increasing their role and activity in the socio-political life of the country;
  • strengthening the role of women in labor communities, in the field of state and public administration, facilitating the organization of targeted work on their socio-legal support and systematic monitoring of their views;
  • timely identification of women's problems, drawing up targeted lists of women in need of help and in a difficult social situation, including women with disabilities, providing them with socio-legal, psychological and material assistance, and providing them with means of rehabilitation, contribute to the work;
  • prepare young people for family life, teach them the legal and psychological foundations of resolving conflict situations in the family, help develop proposals for strengthening families, preventing early marriage and family divorce, and take appropriate measures;
  • carries out public control over the implementation of legislation on guarantees of equal rights and opportunities for women and men and develops relevant proposals;
  • monitors the implementation of legislative acts on the protection of women from harassment and violence, introduces recommendations developed to identify victims of violence, rehabilitate them, protect their rights;
  • participates in the development and implementation of territorial programs in the field of protection of women from harassment and violence;
  • Preparation of students for family life, orientation of young families to social activity, wide promotion of the life activities and lifestyles of women who are engaged in a socially useful type of labor between them, have an example;
  • carries out impressive public control over compliance with the principles of legality, social justice, transparency in the selection of candidates for conducting various contests and sports competitions among women, awarding the State Prize named after Zulfiya and the badge "Woman Of Moderation;
  • ensures and directly participates in the introduction of documents, standards and requirements related to the protection of women's rights in national and international legislation;
  • the woman who works effectively in the system makes a proposal to recommend employees to state awards.