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Mathematical faculty

Dean of faculty

Ruzimuradov Khaydar Khalmuradov

  • Reception days: Everyday (8:00 -16:00)
  • Phone number: +99893 347-55-77
  • Email:



MMF SamSU (Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Samarkand State University) was founded in 1962.

Among its founders were G.P. Gushchin, B.P. Kudryashov, P.B. P.V. Soloviev, B.V. Hudobets.

Faculty history

The Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Samarkand State University was founded in 1962. Prior to this, in 1927, training in mathematical specialties was first carried out on the basis of the Department of Physics and Mathematics of the Faculty of Natural Sciences since 1927 and from 2005 to 2009 - on the basis of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. First Dean (1931–1935) - Professor Mallin R.Kh

Faculty structure

Department of Algebra and Geometry (Head - Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Haydar Holmuradovich Ruzimuradov). The department was established in 1994 as a result of the integration of the department of algebra and number theory with the department of geometry.

Department of Mathematical Analysis (Head - Dr.Sc., Prof. Isroil Akramovich Ikromov). The department was established in 1934.

Department of Differential Equations (Head - Prof. Aknazar Bekturdievich Khasanov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics). The department was established in 1961

Department of Theory of Functions and Mathematical Physics (Head - Dr.Sc., Prof., Academician Saidakhmad Norzhigitovich Lakayev). The department was established in 1971

Department of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics (Head - Dr.Sc., Ahmad Muyassarovich Khalkhuzhaev). The department was established in 1936 and is called the Department of General Mathematics.

Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (Head - Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Khairulla Khudoynazarovich Khudoynazarov). The department was established in 1947.


• 1931-1935 ̶ Professor Rustam H. Mullin

• 1935-1944, 1953-1956 ̶ Associate Professor Mukhamedzhan Sobirovich Sobirov

• 1944-1953 ̶ Professor Rafik Iskandarovich Iskandarov

• 1957-1974 ̶ Professor Khairulla Narzullaevich Narzullaev

• 1975-1977 ̶ Professor Akmal Rabbimovich Artikov

• 1978-1985 ̶ Professor Abdukhakim Usmanovich Abdukhamidov

• 1986-1990 ̶ Professor Sharof Yarmuhammedovich Yarmukamedov

• 1991-1994 ̶ Associate Professor Abdukhakim Nazarovich Nazarov

• 1994-1996 ̶ Professor Ismoil Isroilovich Isroilov

• 1997-1998 ̶ Associate Professor Kudrat Aymatovich Aimatov

• 1999-2005 ̶ Professor Olimjon Musurmonovich Dustmatov

• 2005-2009 ̶ Professor Nafas Beknazarovich Eshқobilov

• 2009-2011 ̶ Associate Professor Khabibullo Kurbonovich Kurbonov

• 2012-2015 ̶ Professor Ahmadjon Soleevich Soleev

• 2015-2017 ̶ Associate Professor Haydar Kholmurodovich Ruzimuradov (2015-2017),

• 2017 - to present ̶ Professor Akram Hasanovich Begmatov