Scholarships are awarded at the university twice per academic year, and the scholarship is awarded and paid from the first day of each academic semester month by order of the rector, after the announcement of the final control results of the previous semester.

    Students studying on the basis of a state grant and with unexcused academic debt (with a rating of less than 55 percent in one or more subjects) will be charged a fee based on the results of the academic examination in the next academic semester. They will be deprived of the right to receive a scholarship from the first day of next semestr’s first month.Academic scholarship for students who have cleared their academic debts (scored 55% or more in the relevant subjects) and have less than 30% "satisfactory" grade (rating below 71 points) in subjects from the first day of the month following the loan period, the basic amount of the scholarship is assigned to the next academic semester.

    Students studying on the basis of a stipend payment contract are assigned and paid a basic stipend at the end of the academic semester, regardless of the level of mastery of subjects.

    The amount of scholarships in the university today



Monthly stipend amount


Basic scholarship

517 880


“ Excellent ” (+20%)

621 456


“ Disabled ” (+50%)

776 820



6 320 400


Basic doctoral studies

4 946 840



4 379 200