Director of the institute

Rajabov Toshpulot Fayzulloevich

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1997-2001 – BSc student, Samarkand State University
2001-2003 – MSc student, Samarkand State University
2003-2007 – Junior Researcher, Samarkand Branch of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan
2007-2010 – PhD student, Samarkand Branch of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan
2010-2012 - Junior Researcher, Samarkand Branch of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan
2012 – 2017 - Senior Researcher, Laboratory of Ecological Research, Samarkand State University
2016 – 2017  – Head, Department of preparation scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of Samarkand State Unviersity
2017 – 2019 – Head, Department of Chemical-Biological Sciences of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan
2019 – 2020 – Dean, Faculty of International Education Programs of Samarkand State University
2020 – to date - Dean, Faculty of Agrobiotechnology and Food Security of Samarkand State University


Faculty of Agrobiotechnology and Food Security was established at Samarkand State University in 2020. The purpose of this faculty is to raise and train a new generation of agricultural specialists for the widespread and effective introduction of modern scientific achievements, particularly advanced biotechnological methods in the education system.
The faculty includes 3 departments: 1) Agrochemistry and plant protection, 2) Fruit and vegetable science and Viticulture, 3)Soil science and Agrotechnology.
The number of academic staff at the faculty is 22. The faculty has 8 BSc and 2 MSc programs. 
The faculty have following Bachelor's degree programs: "Fruit growing and Viticulture", "Vegetable science, horticulture and potato growing science", "Agrochemistry and Soil Science", "Technology of cultivation and processing of medical plants", "Plant protection" (by crop types), "Organization and management of Greenhouses". Following Master degree programs are available: "Technology of Viticulture and Grape Processing", "Protected Land Fruit and Vegetable Growing".
In order to strengthen the international cooperation the Faculty has been closely working with the Univrsity of Bologna  (Italy), University of Nevada (Reno) (USA), Holon Technology Institute (Israel), University of Ankara (Turkey),  University of Belgorod (Russia) and international research centers operating in the region as ICARDA and ICBA.
As well as cooperation is being established with agroindustrial claster and local agricultural cooperations to provide successful integration of education process with practice.

BSc and MSc programs of the Institute of Agrobiotechnology and Food Security

    BSc Programs

Agrochemistry and agro-soil science

Plant Protection (by crop types)

Agricultural Breeding and Seed Production (by crop types)

Zooengeenring: Fishery

Fruit and Grape Science

Vegetable and Potato Science

Organization and management of Greenhouses

Technology of cultivation and processing of medical plants


    MSc Programs

Experimental Agrochemistry


Organic Farming and Food Security

Plant Protection (by protection methods)

Subtropics and citrus fruit crops

Viticulture and preprocessing of grape

Biotechnology in Fruit and Vegetable Science

Vegetable Science

Potato Science

Protected Land Fruit and Vegetable Growing

Technology of Viticulture and Grape Processing

    In order to organize educational processes of the institute in accordance with the requirements and standards of the modern time, close cooperation is being carried out with leading foreign universities. Foreign partners of the institute are University of Bologna in Italy, University of Szeged in Hungary, University of Nevada in the USA, Ankara University in Turkey, and Belgorod University in Russia.

Departments of the Institute of Agrobiotechnologies and Food Safety