Currently, Samarkand State University has signed about 70 bilateral agreements with universities in Russia, the USA, France, Germany, Romania, South Korea, Japan, the Czech Republic, India, China, Spain, Turkey, Iceland and within the framework of the agreement foreign professors, experts, scientists and teachers are attracted to the university.

    In the 2018-2019 academic year, six students were able to enroll in a doctoral program at leading foreign universities (Turkey, Russia). In September-December of this academic year, 2 undergraduates, 3 graduate students and 13 professors and teachers returned from educational institutions in Russia, South Korea, Germany, India, China and other countries, having studied foreign experience.

    In order to develop international cooperation in the field of education, 3 students of SamSU from 2018 to 2019 academic years were enrolled in Kazan Federal University (a branch of Naberezhnye Chelny), 14 students - 3 graduates from St. Petersburg State University of Power Engineering named after V.Lenin (LETI), 3 graduates in the North Caucasus Federal University, 2 graduates in Chinese University Xian Jiaotong, two in the Chinese Institute of Hospitality Sania and 4 students in the magistracy of the University. Afyona Kozhatepa (Turkey). In addition, 4 masters and associate professors of SamSU study at the Mugla University Sitki Kochman in Turkey. Also one master of SamSU studies at the chemical faculty at Kazan National Research Technological University in Moscow (PhD).

    Required documents for researchers abroad

    List of required documents for service and tourist trips:

 Preparing the questionnaire OVIR;

 Application (for permission);

 A copy of the passport (with a permanent address), personal profile;

 Invitation of the offering side (scientific conference, seminar, professional development, etc.);

 Application (addressed to the rector of the university);

Travel plan.

    Additional Information: phone: (+998 66) 239 10 79,