Press Secretary

Hamroyev Farrukh Hamidullayevich

  •  Reception days: every day from 8:00 to 16:00
  •  Phone number: +998 66 2391725
  •  Email:


Was born in 1970-year in Samarkand, Kattakurgan region
Worked as a gardener in children camp in Kattakurgan region between 1985-1988 years
Was a student of Samarkand State University in 1988-1993 years
In 1992-1993 was a head laboratory assistant of cathedra of linguistics in Samarkand State University
Was a aspirant of the section of full-time education in Samarkand State University between 1993-1996
In 1996-1998 years worked as a redactor of educational- methodical studio named "Samarkand"
In 1998-1999 was a manager of spiritual and cultural artistic association named "Tasviriy oyina"
Was a manager of spirituality section of newspaper " Voice of Uzbekistan"
Was Head Consultant of the Office of the State Adviser for Culture, Press and Creative Organizations of the Office of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2007-2008 years
Was a deputy of head manager of newspaper "Voice of Uzbekistan" in 2008-2011
Worked as first deputy of head manager of newspaper "Voice of Uzbekistan" in 2011-2020 years
In 2020 was a leader of the press in Samarkand State University


Functions of the press secretary

Participation in the formation and implementation of information policy established by the Ministry of higher and secondary special education and the university administration in accordance with modern requirements;

informing the general public about the activities of the university, its normative and legal documents objectively, qualitatively and promptly;

interaction with the mass media, the formation of a circle of journalists working in constant cooperation, the distribution of information messages (information for the press, newsletters, etc.), the organization of mass events;

preparation of news, information materials, reviews and information-analytical materials for distribution in national and foreign media together with other departments of the University;

Formation and maintenance of databases of text, photo, audio and video materials related to the university's activities.