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Many people know Uzbekistan from Samarkand.

    Japanese Soka University teacher Nozomi Kusaka, who works at Samarkand State University, has been teaching Samga to students for almost 9 months. We asked the teacher's opinion about Samarkand State University.

    - I love Samarkand very much, - says Nozomi Kusaka. - Historical monuments, picturesque places of Samarkand give peace of mind and comfort. Two years ago I was also in Samarkand. Since then, I have cherished this city with special love. This love led me to Samarkand State University. That's why I chose this place. The Japanese are very interested in Samarkand. Many people know Uzbekistan from Samarkand.

    Japanese students are heavy and calm. They just listen to the lesson without words and complete the task. Uzbek students are a bit "naive". They talk a lot in class. I had a lot of disagreements with students about this. But so far this is not a problem. My students and I agreed on this. However, Uzbek students are very motivated. They strive to acquire knowledge, to master the secrets of science, with a firm belief that in the future they will learn a lot. I want to continue my work at Samarkand State University in the next academic year. We are also working on student exchange and joint educational programs to send SamSU students to study in Japan.


Samarkand State University

Information Service Officer

Recorded by Iroda Bekmurodova.