The German publishing house LAMBERT published a monograph "Aromatization of light carbohydrates in bifunctional catalysts" in collaboration with Professor Normurod Fayzullaev, Head of the Department of Polymer Chemistry and Chemical Technology of Samarkand State University.

      This monograph summarizes the results of a large number of scientific studies carried out in our country and in foreign countries on the production of aromatic hydrocarbons from light hydrocarbons. In addition, in the monograph on the results of the synthesis of the composition of YKS catalysts of various compositions, the study of their physicochemical and textural properties, catalysts with high aromatization efficiency and selectivity are studied in detail.

      The technology for obtaining aromatic hydrocarbons from petroleum gases is also covered. The monograph is intended for masters, graduate students, researchers and scientific and scientific and technical employees working in this field.


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