Tanzila Majidova, Associate Professor of the Department of Ecology and Life Safety at Samarkand State University, works as the Chairman of the Women's Council, Advisor to the Dean of the Faculty of Geography and Ecology.

      The scientist conducts scientific research on the topic of assessing the impact of industrial enterprises on the environment (on the example of objects belonging to categories I, II in the Samarkand region). Scientific adviser - Akmal Turaboev, professor of the National University of Uzbekistan.

      To date, the researcher has published the textbook "Ecological Foundations" (Fundamentals of Ecology) and 5 teaching aids for students studying in the Tajik region. More than 50 scientific articles and abstracts have been published in prestigious journals in countries such as Russia, USA, Germany, Kazakhstan.

      - The rapid growth of a number of industries on a global scale, a sharp increase in the number of diverse and complex pollutants, intense air pollution in the regions, along with great damage to public health and the environment, says researcher Tanzila Majidova. - In this regard, the problem of improving the environment, as well as creating favorable sanitary and hygienic conditions at most enterprises, and fundamentally changing the design of air purification systems, has become very urgent. In our time, the achievement of achievements in all areas of our country, the introduction of new technologies in the field of industrial production, as well as the deterioration of the environmental situation. In recent years, along with the growth of industrial production, environmental pollution is increasing both quantitatively and qualitatively.

      Great success has been achieved in accelerating technological processes in industry, creating high-tech energy and resource saving systems, developing and introducing new technological equipment. It is also allowed to release a large amount of dust and gaseous compounds harmful to the environment, thereby exceeding the permitted emission rate of pollutants into the environment and significantly polluting the environment.

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