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Educational event at the Faculty of History

  On February 28, an educational event was held at the Faculty of History of Samarkand State University on the subject of “Prevention of information attacks directed at students' consciousness, forming a culture of proper use of the Internet and other information resources”. At the meeting, member of the creative union of journalists of Uzbekistan T. Rakhmatullaev spoke about some general rules and regulations for using the Internet for students.

  In order to protect young people from various information on the Internet, ZiyoNet has established a public information education network in our country.

  During the event, participants exchanged views on protecting young people from false ideas and habits, providing accurate information, awareness and attentiveness, controlling access of young people to sites that meet moral and ethical requirements, and shaping the Internet culture.

Deputy Dean on Youth Affairs of the Faculty of History. I.M.Qurbonboev