Lastname Firstname Dissertation Titles Specialty Date of protection  
Sharipov Shakhriddin Ziyadullaevich History of the activity of the national cultural centers of Uzbekistan (1990-2020 on the example of the regions of the Zarafshan oasis) 07.00.01 - History of Uzbekistan 30.08.2023 Download
Ergashev Sukhrob Mukhiddinovich The role of the main vakf administration in the education system of Uzbekistan (20s of the XX century) 07.00.01 - History of Uzbekistan  30.08.2023 Download
Narmanov Feruz Asfandiyarovich The role of cultural and educational institutions in the social life of Uzbekistan in 20-30s of the XX century 07.00.01 – History of Uzbekistan 06.01.2021 Download
Orziyev Makhmud Zayniyevich Printing, publishing and press in Bukhara at the end of the 19 th –first quarter of the 20 th centuries 07.00.01 – History of Uzbekistan 2.01.2021 Download
Chutmatov Jurabek Omonovich The history of the spiritual environment of Termez in the VII-IX centuries: traditions, evolution and revival 07.00.01 – History of Uzbekistan 30.11.2019 Download
Akhmedov Bekzod Abdirakhmonovich The condition of Karakul sheep industry in Uzbekistan (1917-2017 у.) 07.00.01 – History of Uzbekistan 25.11.2020 Download
Muhiddinov Sunatullo Inoyatovich Education in the Samarkand region in the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century 07.00.01 – History of Uzbekistan 19.03.2020 Download
Safarova Zilola Safarovna Culture of Uzbekistan during the Second World War 07.00.01 – History of Uzbekistan 16.01.2020 Download
Iriskulov Olimjon Jaxongirovich Socio-economic and cultural processes in the Samarkand city in the second half of the XIX century and beginning of XX century 07.00.01 - History of Uzbekistan 08.10.2019 Download