Professor Karin de Jonge-Kannan, a Fulbright program participant working at the Institute of Agrobiotechnology and Food Security of Samara State University, is developing a special educational program “English for students of the agricultural sector.”

      In order to get acquainted with this project and support it, employees of the US Embassy in Uzbekistan Saida Chorieva and Harris Lipscomb visited the institute and got acquainted with the planned work and expected results of the project. Representatives of the embassy especially noted that this project is being implemented for the first time, and emphasized the importance of introducing it into educational programs.

      This two-year program will provide agricultural students with the opportunity to gradually acquire English language skills in their field of study.

      When developing this program, foreign experience and new approaches are widely used. For this purpose, more than 50 books and educational materials were brought from the USA, published by Professor Karin de Jonge-Kannan in recent years in prestigious international publishing houses. Students were introduced to the methods of mastering the materials of these books and transferred to the institute’s library for use.

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Samarkand State University.