A meeting was organized for talented 3rd year students of Samarkand State University of the Institutes of Engineering Physics, Biochemistry, Human Resource Management and Mahalla Development and their parents.

      Parents first visited the institutes where their children study. They got acquainted with the created conditions.

      A film created according to the idea of the rector of Samarkand State University, scientist of the Republic of Uzbekistan, member of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis Rustam Halmuradov was presented to the attention of parents.

      The film shows how an ordinary family achieved excellent results in the education of their children. This film aroused great interest among the event participants.
      After the screening of the film, the first vice-rectors of Samarkand State University, Akhmadzhon Soleev and Rustam Yuldoshev, spoke with parents.

     “My son Bobur studies at the Institute of Biochemistry of Samarkand State University,” says Gulnara Fozilova. - I admired the conditions that have been created for young people today. They formed a talented group of students. I am very happy about it. More attention is paid to our children. I am proud that my child is studying at the best university. I am grateful to our President for the opportunities provided to young people.

     “I studied at the Faculty of Geography of Samarkand State University in 1994-1999,” says Ikrom Pardaev. - Today my son Ogabek studies at the Engineering Physics Institute. This is the most modern educational institution. If I were given another chance, I would study at SamSU again. The film was shown at a meeting with parents. For me personally, this film became a lesson. The role of parents is clearly highlighted in today's film. We are ready to cooperate with the university.

     - Samarkand State University is dear to my family. My two sons, Zukhriddin and Mehriddin, study at the Institutes of Biochemistry and Engineering Physics of Samara State University. My wife also graduated from Samara State University,” says Fakhriddin Kilichev. - During my more than thirty years of teaching activity, the education system has not received as much attention as it does today. Today SamSU does not lag behind foreign universities. Students and parents should appreciate this. I believe that the university's cooperation with parents will be beneficial.

Information service of Samarkand State University,
Photos were taken by Shavkat Akramov.