The celebration of Navruz at Samarkand State University began early in the morning and continued with festive celebrations. The presentation of national songs, unique dances, Uzbek cuisine and costumes made a great impression on the foreign guests.

      Today, professors, teachers and students from China, India, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan celebrated the Navruz holiday at Samarkand State University.

   Arindan Banik (India), professor at Samarkand State University:

     - This is the first time I’ve seen the Navruz holiday. In India, Nowruz is not celebrated, but on March 25, the festival of colors, Holi, is solemnly celebrated. Nowruz and Holi are similar to each other, celebrating the arrival of spring. I knew that the new year in Uzbekistan begins in January, but I was actually surprised that the year begins with Navruz. We celebrated the holiday with enthusiasm. Everyone is in a good mood. There are many Indians in Samarkand. Today I was glad to see dozens of our compatriots under the pretext of a holiday. Happy holiday to the people of Uzbekistan!

    Ekaterina Fedosenko (Russia), Professor of the Department of Psychology at Samarkand State University:

      - Since I arrived in Uzbekistan, I have taken part in many festive events. Navruz is the most beautiful among them. I was especially impressed by the national traditions and beautiful costumes of your people. My colleagues gave me a dress for the holiday. I really liked it. I have been living in Uzbekistan for four years. In addition to Samarkand, I visited the cities of Tashkent, Bukhara, Fergana, Khorezm, Andijan and Namangan. I felt that every city has its own values and traditions.

    Emrah Yilmaz (Turkey), teacher at the Scientific Research Institute of Turkic Studies of Samarkand State University, candidate of philosophical sciences:

      - I have been in Samarkand for 3 years. Every year on the eve of Navruz holiday I had to go to Turkey. Today we were lucky enough to celebrate Navruz at Samarkand State University. I am very happy about it. Nowruz is also celebrated in Turkey. We will have an exhibition of mainly national clothing and paintings dedicated to nature. The Navruz holiday in Uzbekistan is more interesting. National values, such as various sports games, musical instruments, embroidery patterns, and folk art, are increasingly manifested in this. Cooking various dishes and decorating the table add even more beauty to the holiday...

    Yu Xiang (China), doctoral student at Shaanxi Normal University:

      - I conduct scientific research at Samarkand State University under an exchange program. In China, this holiday is called “Na Nu Zi”. The holiday has been declared a holiday in China. We welcomed the celebration of Nowruz in Samarkand. This was news to me. It feels like there is hospitality and solidarity in this holiday. I was surprised by the songs performed by students during the festive celebrations. Even the foreign guests present at the event danced with joy. Happy Nowruz everyone!

    Zhang Yuqi (China), student of the Institute of Human Resource Management and Neighborhood Development of Samara State University:

      - Seven months have passed since we arrived in Uzbekistan. I saw several holidays. Every holiday was always new for me. We welcomed this arrival with great interest. My impressions are excellent. It is commendable that both boys, girls, and elderly people spend the holiday in a good mood. The most interesting thing is that they are preparing for this holiday together. I was delighted.

Samarkand State University Information Service,
Photos taken by Shavkat Akramov.