Climate change, lack of water and natural resources, socio-economic consequences of the pandemic - under the influence of such factors, the issue of food security has become one of the most urgent problems in the world. After all, there is a sharp increase in the price of food products in the world market. According to international experts, the price of food products in the world may increase by at least 20% this year.

    According to the data, during this year's farming season, about 3 million tons of grain was lost due to the drought observed in European countries and the crisis in Ukraine. In particular, as a result of the drought, the grain harvest decreased by 11% in Hungary, by 20% in Romania, and by 11% in Bulgaria. In France, Poland, Moldavia and even Italy, a large part of the grain harvest is said to have been lost.

    Another problem observed in agriculture is the shortage of nitrogen fertilizers and their increased prices, which are expected to affect food supply and prices. Here we are talking about the problem faced in the cultivation of rice, which is a repeated crop in European and Asian countries. Because in the main countries that supply rice products, the yield has decreased due to the fact that it was not possible to feed the rice fields with mineral fertilizers.

    All this requires taking serious measures, creating a reserve of important consumer goods, and most importantly, qualitatively developing the agriculture and food industry by applying innovations and advanced technologies, as well as scientific achievements.

   Murtaza RAHMATOV,

  Honored economist of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Senator.