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An exam was held for admission of graduates of technical schools to Samarkand State University...

    At admission to Samarkand State University for graduates who successfully graduated from a technical school in the specialties: law, software engineering, agrochemistry and agrosoil science, plant protection, organization and management of greenhouses, ecology and environmental protection, chemical technology, an exam was held.

    This exam was held on the basis of an oral interview, in which, in addition to professors and teachers, industry representatives of large enterprises and companies, specialists from research institutes, and officials of the Samarkand Regional Department of Justice took part. In order to ensure the transparency of the exam, it was broadcast live on

    - I studied at the chemical college of the Jizzakh region. “Today's exam was very memorable and exciting for me,” says Shakhruh Orazmatov, an applicant. — It was not difficult because I was familiar with the questions and was well prepared. The main thing is that the exam is transparent and fair. I believe that I will be a student of Samarkand State University...

Samarkand State University

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The photographs were taken by Shavkat Akramov.