South Korean National University Chonnam announces about the start of a semester exchange program in autumn 2022 (spring 2023) for undergraduate and graduate students. CNU has launched an "Intensive Korean Language Course" at its Yeosu campus.

    More information about the program can be found at this link:

    The program is for undergraduate students ONLY. If students only want to study Korean, they can take four Korean language classes and two Korean culture classes for a total of 18 credits (3 credits * 6 courses). The program requires the selection of the Yeosu campus.

    The program is intended for undergraduate and graduate students. Spring 2023 course listings will be available at the end of January 2023. Undergraduate students can choose up to 6 courses (1 course, 3 credits, 18 credits in total) and graduate students can choose up to 3 courses (1 course, 3 credits, 9 credits in total).

    You can view the English courses offered by CNU over the past five years at the following link:

    The list of candidates wishing to apply will be formed at the SamSU International Department by October 30, 2022, and candidates (applications from students not included in the list of the international department will not be accepted) must submit an application through the following link before November 20: