A competition was announced for 2022 for a prize established by UNESCO and Equatorial Guinea, which will be awarded to researchers working in the natural sciences.

    The International Prize is awarded to candidates working on research and development projects that have made a significant contribution to the improvement of human life in the field of natural sciences.

    The prize fund is 350,000 US dollars and is distributed equally among the three candidates who successfully participated in the competition and will be awarded diplomas and statuettes.

    The nominees recommended for the award are selected by the Director-General of UNESCO on the recommendation of an international jury.

    Candidates wishing to participate in the competition for the UNESCO/Equatorial Guinea Prize must register and complete the application form at the link below:


    Application deadline: November 15, 2022.

    Documents required for candidates to participate in the competition:

- statement;

- information about the contribution of the candidate to the goals of the award (no more than 1000 words);

- brief information about the scientific and practical activities of the candidate of sciences;

- a list of 10 important scientific publications of the candidate of sciences.