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Natural and exact sciences

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About the Department

The department was founded in 2021 and  named "Natural and Exact Sciences". From 2021, prof. A.R. Akhatov is the head of the department.

In 2021, an Indian specialist Professor Christo Ananth and assistants Amonov A.H., Latipova D.A., Eshtemirov B., Asrorov D., Parmanov B.Z., Djamalova A.A., Kenjayev S.B., as well as a technician Sayfullayev L.H. worked in the Department. They published 2 monographs, 2 textbooks, 42 scientific articles and abstracts, received certificates of authorship for 8 software products.

Two assistants of the department Eshtemirov B. successfully passed the entrance exams to study at the research institute on 05.01.02 - "System analysis, management and information processing" and Asrorov D.  01.01.06 - "Algebra".

At present, the updated staff of the department includes assistants Jurakulov A.J. and Kenjayev S.S. are also working.

A.R. Akhatov is participating as an executor in the research project of the department designed for 2021-2023 «Разработка программного обеспечения 3D моделирования сосудов почек донора для трансплантации с использованием технологий искусственного интеллекта» conducted by professors and teachers of the department in the 2021 academic year within the framework of state scientific and technical programs.

The "Portal for the formation of a portfolio of works", "Программа мобильного приложения для лингвокультурной интерференции и методы её устранения в речи", software platform for solving equations in numerical methods of "Nyuton", softwares have been created by the Head of the department  A.R Akhatov  in collaboration with researchers of the Jizzakh branch of the National University of Uzbekistan, assistant of the department B. Eshtemirov in collaboration with students of SamSU

and they are successfully used in the educational process of SamSU, Jizzakh branch of the National University of Uzbekistan, Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute.

The Department of Natural and Exact Sciences of SamSU organized a total of 6 joint bachelor's and master's degree programs in cooperation with the Moscow Stankin Institute of Engineering, North Caucasus University, Tomsk Federal University, Belgorod State University (Russian Technology), Holon Institute of Technology (Israel) and the implementation of the educational process, the department conducts classes in the disciplines of the speciality.

Currently, cooperation is established with the Belarusian State University of Science and Technology, and a curriculum for the master's degree in "Biomedical Engineering" for the implementation of the 2022-2023 academic year is being developed and approved. The head of the department prof. A.R. Akhatov and assistant B.Z. Parmonov are in collaboration with professors and teachers of the department of "Design and production of instruments" BDITU as well as prepared and submitted 2 teaching aids for publication.

Seminars and trainings on the integration of education and production with the participation of foreign specialists working at the department were held in the following foreign educational institutions:

1. Christo Ananth Virtual International Intensive 3-day Short-term Training Programme on “Current Trends and Projections in Electrical, Electronics, Computer, Civil and Mathematical Engineering” between The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, St.Mother Theresa Engineering College, India & Research, Community Engagement & Technology Transfer Office, KIOT, Wollo University, Ethiopia, 11th May 2021-13th May 2021.

2. Christo Ananthyu One-day Faculty Development Programme on “Impact of Machine Learning during Current covid-20 Period”, The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, St.Mother Theresa Engineering College,India, 12th January 2021.

Professors and teachers of the department of the Natural and Exact Sciences of Samarkand State University  have been working on the creation of methodological and structural support for the organization, scientific and methodological advice in the implementation of the course of " Samarkand School of Young Engineers" on the " Creation of methodical and structural support of Samarkand school of young engineers "   with "Determination" LLC on September 29, 2021 № 48 on the basis of the economic contract. They have been doing research work on the creation of methodological and structural support ad giving scientific and methodological advice in the implementation of the course.

The department has a "Council of Young Scientists", which consists of 5 assistants, 4 masters and 10 students. The charter and annual plan of the Council have been developed. As a result of the Council's activities, young scientists of the department participated in 2 international conferences, published scientific articles in 2 foreign journals. Twice-weekly training seminars on “Designing Artificial Thinking Systems” have been organized.

Members of the Council of Young Scientists have participated in the activities of the department "Fundamentals of Robotics". The course participants took part in the III All-Russian online competition-exhibition-exhibition on robotics "Roboforum" and the Open National Online Olympiad in Tashkent and won the 2nd place.