Head of Department of Methods of Optimal Control



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History of the department: The department was founded January 11, 2017, based on new st Faculty of "Applied Mathematics and informatics". 

The chair is headed to the January 11, 2017 to. F.- MN. , Assoc. I. N. Bozorov. 

Teaching staff for physics consists of 11 people - 5 Candidate of Science - s Associate Professor, PhD 1 and ( PhD , mathematics), 2 senior teachers and 3 teachers. Of them 9 works mostly place work. 

At the department Currently the department conducts more than 15 disciplines in various areas of undergraduate studies, such as applied mathematics and computer science, teaching methodology I computer science and music Flax education, occupation-regional education (fine arts and engineering graphics, economics, geography, technology cultivation and processing medicinal herbs, native language and Literature (Russian language), physical culture, sports activity. 

Professor - teachers of the department 5 educational and 3 methodical manuals prepared for 2017. 

The main theme of scientific about research work Department: Methods of Mathematical Modeling and optimization dynamically systems. 

As part of this topic, the department conducts research work on defense of the doctoral thesis with all teachers of the department.

In 2016-2017 Scholastic year in On the part of the professor, three teachers published three articles in are international are scientific magazines, two and a thief and in the republic are scientific magazine, and also six international conferences, sixteen Republic conferences, and three conferences within higher educational Agencies.