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Department of Mathematical Modeling

head of the department

Khojayorov Bakhtiyor

  • Reception days: every day from 14:00 to 16:00
  •  Phone number: (90)-224-30-96
  •  Email:


1972-1985 - Central Asian Institute for Scientific Research and Design of the Oil Industry, Junior Researcher, Research Associate, Head of Laboratory;
1985-1992 - Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Construction, Senior Research Associate, Assistant, Associate Professor, Scientific Secretary of the Institute;
1992 - 1993 - Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Methods of Samarkand State University;
1993-1999 - Deputy Director of the Complex Research Institute of Regional Problems of the Samarkand Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
1999 - 2012 - Deputy Chairman, Chairman of the Samarkand Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Director of the Integrated Research Institute of Regional Problems;
2012-2015 - Professor of the Department of Mathematical Modeling of Samarkand State University;
2015 - 2017 - Professor of Applied Mathematics at the Samarkand State University;
2017 - present - Master of Mathematical Modeling and Comprehensive Programming at the Samarkand State University.


The department was founded in 1974 and was called "Mathematical logic and programming". At the department from 1974 to 1975. doc. H.T. Turaev acting as head of the department, from 1975 to 1977. F. Fazilov, 1977-1981, doc. H.T. Turaev, 1981-1984. D.R. Rustamov, 1985-1992 prof. I.I. Zhumanov, 1993-1994, doc. X.G. Ganiev, 1994-1999 prof. T.S. Safarov, and from 1999 to 2012 prof. H.T. Turaev worked as heads of this department. From 2.01.2012 to 27.12.2015, doc. E. Urunbaev worked as the head of the department. Since the beginning of the 2015-2016 academic year, the departments "Mathematical Modeling" and "Computational Methods" have been combined, the Department of "Applied Mathematics" has been created. After the reorganization of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, in January 2017, the Department of Applied Mathematics began its activities under the name "Mathematical Modeling and Complex Programming". prof. B.Kh.Khuzhayarov has been acting as Head of the department. In 2020 the name of the department was changed to “Mathematical modelling”.
In 1980-1990, associate professors F.K. Akhmedzhanov, A.S. Sufiyanova H.G. Ganiev, D.R. Rustamov, G.M. Porsaev, R.T. Abdukarimov and assistants A.Khurramov, K.A.Khakimov, A.U. Uzokov, B.Khotamov and others. They published 1 monograph, 8 textbooks, 10 methodological instructions. During this period, the teachers of the department wrote and defended a dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Science and nine Candidates of Science.
On the part of the members of the department, scientific cooperation has been established with the center of scientific and innovative information technology at TUIT, UzGU, TUIT, TermezGU, Novosibirsk State University, Moscow State University, Institute of Cybernetics of Ukraine, Minsk, UZLITI Engineering.
The students of the department were trained in industrial and pre-diploma practice at Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Minsk, Novosibirsk, Gorky State Universities and the Tashkent Institute of Cybernetics and under the guidance of scientists working in these centers. Some of the successful graduate theses later became the basis for the Ph.D. thesis.
Leading scientists from Russia, academics A.N. Tikhonov, M.M. Lavrent'ev, A.Dorodnitsyn, O.M. Beloserkovsky Yu.I. Neymar, A. Semyonov, I. Kotov, professors N.A. Fufaev, V.B. Kudryavtsev, A.A.Zikov, I.M.Bobko, Yu.I. Zhuravlev, V.Vasiev, V.Kasyanov, as well as famous scientists of Uzbekistan, academicians V.K.Kobulov, Sh.A. Alimov, M.Komilov , N. Satimov, T. F. Bekmuratov, T. Boriev, F.B. Abutaliev and professors N. Mukhiddinov, R. Sadullaev, O. Nabiev, Sh. Foziliv, F. Badalov, B. Kurmanbaev, M. Aripov, T.A. Valievs, V. Buzurkhanov, K. Bobomurodov, B. Atadzhanov, M. Israilov, Sh. Nazirov was invited to teach students theory, practice, laboratory and graduate works, as well as to supervise the scientific works of scientific researchers.
On the basis of the organization of the department in 1987, an international seminar "Discrete Mathematics" was held with the participation of the republics of the former USSR and German scientists. As a result, students of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics Ch.B. Normurodov M.Kh. Lutfullaev, B. Salimov, N. Ravshanov, O. Toshevs defended their thesis for the scientific degree of Doctor of Science more than 20 Ph.D. degrees
Students who graduated from the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Integrated Programming are currently working in various fields of science, at industrial enterprises, in internal and customs administrations, in the banking sector, in tax inspections, lyceums, colleges and schools.
Currently prof. B. Khuzhayarov, prof. Y. Akilov, doc. E. Urinbaev, doc. V. Burnashev, doc. Sh.Mamatov, doc. A. Babayarov, doc. J. Makhmudov, doc. B. Fayziev  senior teachers I. Tursunov, T. Dzhiyanov, assistants to U.R. Shodiev, U. Rasulov, B. Aminov, ass. G.Bahriddinov, ass. M.Zokirov, ass. Z.Kaytarov, ass. Z.Eshdavlatov, ass. Z.Kurdashev work at the department.
The department is making a fundamental scientific grant on OT-F4-64 on the topic "Creation and numerical study of hydrodynamic models of liquefaction and displacement in porous media." The head is the head of the department, prof. B.Kh. Khuzhayarov. Members of the department Makhmudov Zh.M., Dzhiyanov T.O., Fayziev B.M., Usmanov A.I.
Currently at the department on the direction 05.01.07 - "Mathematical modeling. Numerical methods and software package "( Sh. Daliev - stage 3, E. Urinbaev - stage 3, I. Rabbimov - stage 2, Zh. Dzhurayev – stage 1, Z. Ermamatova – stage 1), 01/02/05 -" Fluid and gass mechanics "(A. Usmanov - stage 3, T. Begmatov - stage 2, Zh. Kuljanov – stage 1) and 7 basic doctoral students conduct their activities. On 05.01.07 - “Mathematical modeling. Numerical methods and software complex "prof. Sh. Fozilov prof. N. Ravshvnov (head of the laboratory of the scientific and innovative center of information and communication technologies at TUIT), Z. Rakhmonov (associate professor of NUUz), Ph.D. thesis in the specialty 01.02.05 - "Mechanics of liquidity and gas", head. Department, prof. B. Khuzhayarov - scientific advisor. Professor Under the leadership of B.Kh. Khuzhayarov in 2018 he defended two PhD (Ass. Fayziev, associate professor P. Dzhiyanov) and 3 independent researchers (U.Saydullaev, Sh.Zikiriyaev - PhD, Zh. Makhmudov, V. Burnashev - DSc) ... for guard.
At the department there is a scientific circle of students "Logical programming". Rules and plans are drawn up and approved. According to the "Ustoz-shogird" system, each member of the circle is associated with the leading professors and teachers of the department, and their long-term plans for 3-4 years were developed and approved. They carry out scientific research on the topics they choose, and the problems they face are discussed at regular meetings.
There is a master's degree in the specialty 5A130202 - "Applied Mathematics". Undergraduates conduct research work under the guidance of leading professors and teachers of the department.