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Department of World History

Head of Department

Xamroqulova Shoxista Shamshidinovna

  •  Reception days: Everyday (8:00 -16:00)
  •  Phone number: +99890 224-77-96
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He was born on July 1, 1983 in Akdarinsk district of Samarkand region.
In 2000, he graduated from the 8th secondary school in Akdarinsk district of Samarkand region.
From 2001 to 2005 he studied at the Samarkand State University.
V 2005-2007 gg. - Master of Samarkand State University.
V 2007-2010 gg. He was a graduate student of Samarkand State University.
From 2011 to 2015 he worked as a lecturer of the department of universal history of Samarkand State University.
In 2015-2018 he worked as a lecturer of the department of universal history of Samarkand State University.
Since 2018, the department of universal history of Samarkand State University 


The Department of General History is one of the first departments of the Samarkand State University. It is one of the first 12 departments of the Higher Pedagogical Institute, founded in 1927, and is the same age as our university. Since 1927, the department was headed by professors: Lyaskovsky Sergey Antonovich (1927-1932) S. V. Yushkov (1933-1934) 
3.assoc. Abduvali Kodirov (1934-1935) Favorsky Vladimir Evgenievich (1936-1939). In September 1938, the department was divided into two: I. Head of the Department of Ancient and Medieval History - Isakovich S.G. II. Head of the Department of "New History" - prof. Favorsky V.E.
5.assoc. A. Vakhidov - acting Head of the Department of Modern History. (1940) 
6. In 1940, these two departments merged again and became known as "General History". Prof. Yarinov (1941-1945) Maksimovich G.A. (1946-1947) 
8.assoc. Shatirov Ruben Marlenovich (1947-1949)
 9.assoc. D. N. Lev (1949-1967) 
10.assoc. K.Kh. Samiboev (1967 - 1977) 
11.assoc. Istam Narzikulov (1977-1979) 
12.assoc. M.Artikov (1979-1985) 
13.assoc. Sh.D. Pirimkulov (1985-1988) 
14.assoc. B. T. Torakulov (1988-1990) Sh.D. Pirimkulov (1990-2009) 
16.assoc. Torakulov B.T. (2009-2012) 
17.assoc. M. M. Khoshimova (2012-2018) 
18.PhD. Sh.Sh. Khamrokulova (from 2018 to the present)

In 1971, in connection with the creation of the Department of Archeology at the Faculty of History, the collective of the Department of General History, dealing with this area and the history of the ancient world, was transferred to a new department with its own workload. These include M. Dzhurakulov, M. Ya. Abdurakhimov, RR Mukashev and others. During the leadership of K.Kh. Samibayev (1967-1977), the Department of General History developed comprehensively. In 1967, 14 professors and teachers worked at the department, seven of whom had academic degrees. Pirimkulov Sh.D. since 1985 he worked as head of the department of "General History". In March 1991 he successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic "Polish citizens in the USSR in 1941-1946" and received a doctorate in history.
In 2009-2012, the department was headed by an associate professor. B.T. Turakulov. From 2012 to 2018, it was headed by Associate Professor M.M. Khashimova. From 2018 to the present, the head of the department is Sh.Sh. Khamrokulov. In September 2015, the name of the department was changed to "World History". Currently, the department has 9 employees, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor A. Akhmedov (concurrently), candidates of sciences, associate professors M.R. Rakhmatullaev, M.M. Khoshimov and B.T. Turakulov, Phd Khamrokulova Sh. PhD F. Rashidova, assistants H. U. Gadoev, M. B. Yakubova, S. Sh. Pirimkulova, L. Elimov and H. Z. Davronov.
Doctoral students of the department Usarov Sirojiddin Rakhmatullaevich conducts scientific research on the topic "The history of the formation and development of interstate cooperation between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Asia-Pacific region (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore)" and Rayimov Farhod Ulugbekovich is working on the topic "History, science and culture of Turkestan in the materials" Turkestan collection ". International cooperation: since the foundation of the department, its employees regularly visit foreign universities. This tradition continues to this day.
-Assistant of the department Yakubova M.B. from 1999 to 2001 she trained at the Otto-Friedrich University (Germany, Bamberg) and from 5 to 30 October 2018 at the Humboldt University (Germany, Berlin) on the basis of travel pass number 778. During the internship, Yakubova participated in master classes and seminars by professors Heifeld Martin ("New History"), Alexander Wilde ("Historical Geography of the East"), Roxana Haaga-Higuchi ("Modern History of Iran), Birgitt Hoffmann (" History of the Culture of the East "). In the classroom, new innovative technologies were studied. Scientific relations between Samarkand Universities and Bamberg and Berlin Universities in Germany were revived.
- Associate Professor B. Turakulov was sent for an internship at Moscow State University from November 5 to December 25, 2018. During the internship, Assoc. Turakulov B.T. established scientific relations with leading scientific centers of Russia. Turakulov B.T. established scientific contacts with academician S.P. Karpov. (President of the Faculty of History of Moscow State University), with Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Belousov L.S. (Dean of the Faculty of History of Moscow State University, Head of the Department of "New and Contemporary History of Europe and America"), with prof. Lipkin M.A. (Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences), etc. - From 15 to 17 October 2018 associate professor Khashimova M.M. participated in the international conference "Information technologies in the management of cultural heritage" at the University of Lublin (Poland). Assoc. Khashimova spoke at this conference with a report on the topic "Study of the history of Poles deported to Uzbekistan by the example of Samarkand State University", which aroused great interest of Polish researchers.
-Two students of the Middle East department of Leiden University in the Netherlands: Matte Monster and Alexandra Neuweg taught in English at the faculty of the department from September 15 to December 15, 2018. Professors and teachers of the Department of General History regularly publish their scientific articles in prestigious foreign journals. In particular, 3 textbooks have been developed this year. In 2020, the teachers of the department published 33 scientific articles and theses. Of these, 15 scientific articles were published in VAK journals, 5 scientific articles were published in journals based on Scopus. The main theme of the department: "Socio-economic, political and cultural history of countries and peoples of the world."
The research work of the professors and teachers of the department is carried out in the following areas: Rakhmatullaev M.R. "Problems of the cultural development of Uzbekistan in historical literature (60-80s of the XX century, Turakulov BT" The use of parliamentary and extra-parliamentary methods of struggle in the revolutionary activities of Karl Liebknecht ", Khashimova MM" The role of migration Asia (late XIX - mid XX centuries) ", Khamrokulova Sh. Sh." The contribution of the Uzbeks of Kazakhstan to the development of science and culture of the republic "(1925-2015)", Rashidova F.Sh. "The contribution of foreign investments to the creation and development of small business and private entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan (historical approach) ", Usarov S. R." History and formation of interstate cooperation between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Asia-Pacific region (on the example of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore) ", Gadoev H.U." Expulsion Caucasian peoples to the territory of the Republics of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in the 20-50s of the twentieth century (on the example of Balkars, Karachais, Kalmyks and Greeks) ", Yakubova M.B." The contribution of German researchers to the study of the history of Central Asia i ", Pirimikulova S.Sh. "The problem of children deported to Uzbekistan during the Second World War", Elimov L.Sh. "The role of Amir Temur in the history of the European Renaissance."