Scientific directions

1. Creating intellectual tools, databases and software products that provide a comprehensive development and application of information and telecommunication technologies for modern information systems, management and education.

2. Mathematical modeling and studying of practical questions.
3. Mathematical analysis and its application to modern mathematical physics.
4. Implementation of new information technologies in solving fundamental mathematics and its modern mathematical problems.

5. Theoretical and practical problems of modern physics and their solutions.
6. Synthesis of solar energy and new physical properties of solar energy into high energy efficiency.

7. Actual problems of chemical and chemical technologies.
8. Creating methods for controlling natural and synthetic and toxic substances in the environment.

9. Actual problems of biology, biotechnology and ecology.
10. Study of water, climatic and other natural resources of Uzbekistan geosystems, their rational use and evaluation. Current problems of modern geography and geology.

12. Increase soil fertility and study soil erosion problems.
13. The history of Uzbekistan's statehood: relations and views.
14. Dialectics of objective and subjective factors of socio-economic and spiritual development of Uzbekistan in modern times.

15. The history of Uzbek statehood and law.

16. Scientific bases of development of important production and non-productive areas of the region.