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Lastname Firstname Dissertation Titles Specialty Date of protection  
Khasanova Khurshida Naimovna Using innovation methods in teaching organic chemistry in secondary schools 13.00.02 - The theory and methodology of teaching and education (Chemistry) 25.12.2019 Download
Akhadov Mamurjon Sharipovich Improvement of methodology for creating modular system and electronic textbooks in chemistry 13.00.02 - The theory and methodology of teaching and education (Chemistry) 28.11.2020 Download
Tursunova Gulnoza Xamzaevna Physical and chemical bases of polymer gels swelling in aqueous solutions 02.00.04 – Physical chemistry 06.10.2020 Download
Eshkaraev Sadridin Chorievich Development of radiometric-spectrometric method for the determination of radionuclides of cesium-137 and strontium-90 based on beta and gamma radiation in soils of Surkhandarya region 02.00.02-Analytical chemistry 30.07.2020 Download
Oserbaeva Alfiya Kurbanbaevna Physical and chemical regularities of carbon steel corrosion inhibition by amines in salt and hydrogen sulfide containing solutions 02.00.04 – Physical chemistry 09.06.2020 Download
Tillaev Kholmamat Development of spectrophotometric and sorption-photometric methods for the determination of ions of certain heavy and toxic metals in Surkhandarya waters 02.00.02-Analytical chemistry 02.03.2020 Download
Begmatov Rizamat Template synthesis of gas-sensitive organic-inorganic materials for semiconductor sensors 02.00.02-Analytical chemistry 03.03.2020 Download
Mukhamadiev Abdukodir Nuralievich Physico-chemical basis of chromatography of equilibrium phase 02.00.04 – Physical chemistry 18.02.2020 Download
Eshkobilova Mavjuda Ergashevna. Development of chemical sensors for methane monitoring 02.00.02-Analytical Chemistry 30.07.2019 Download
Juraev Ilhom Ikromovich Development of methods for determination of copper and silver ions by immobilized organic reagents 02.00.02 – Analytical chemistry 09.02.2019 Download
Muradova Dilafruz Kadirovna Synthesis of high nitriles 02.00.04 – Physical chemistry 29.12.2018 Download
Fazliyeva Nigina Tojiqulovna Physico-chemical basis of chromatography of electrolyte systems 02.00.04 – Physical chemistry 24.11.2018 Download