Professors from the Hungarian Institute of Botany and Ecology Balazs Deak, Orsolya Deak-Valko, Andras Kelemen, Reka Kiss, Katalin Lukacs and scientists from the University of Szeged Csaba Tolgesi and Zoltan Bator were invited to the scientific expedition organized by the Institute of Agrobiotechnologies and Food Security of Samara State University.

      In this first scientific expedition, which is planned jointly with Hungarian scientists in the Kyzylkum pastures, in addition to foreign scientists, the participation of teaching staff and researchers from external universities is expected. The results of this research are planned to be prepared and received EU-funded grants together with SamSU and Hungarian partner scientists. Also, based on the results obtained, master classes will be organized for SamSU students.

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Samarkand State University.