Advisor to the Rector of Samarkand State University
on Women's Issues, Associate Professor Sh.B. Tukhlieva!


     Dear Sharofat Bektoshevna!

     I sincerely congratulate you on your birthday. I wish you long life and good health.

      You are doing a lot of good as the captain of women working and studying at Samarkand State University. Your extensive life experience, organizational skills and ability to lead people deserve special recognition.

      We can show your kindness and motherly love to our students as an example for many.

      Today, under your leadership, the propaganda work and large-scale good events held among SamSU women are highly appreciated not only by the university leadership, but also by our ministry, the regional administration and a number of public organizations.

      Your enthusiasm and determination are an example for our students.

     Dear Sharofat Bektoshevna!

     Your father is a statesman and public figure, Hero of Labor Bektosh Rakhimov, one of the famous graduates of Samarkand State University. We value you as the successor of a great dynasty.

      The staff and management of Samarkand State University are rightfully proud of you.

      Happy birthday!


Rustam Khalmuradov,
rector of Samarkand State University,
scientist of the Republic of Uzbekistan, member of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis.