At Samarkand State University, a meeting was held with Bobomurod Akhmedov, academician, scientist of the Republic of Uzbekistan, holder of the Order of Menat Shukhrati.

      The event was attended by the first vice-rector for academic affairs of Samarkand State University Akhmadzhon Soleev, vice-rector for scientific work and innovation Hakim Khushvaktov.

      “I am proud that I studied at Samarkand State University, the oldest educational institution in Central Asia,” says academician Bobomurod Akhmedov. - In those years when I studied, the situation was different. Seeing the current university building, one can be envious. When I cross University Boulevard, I wonder if this is the university I studied at. There have never been such conditions. You young people study at the best time. Read, be interested. It's up to you to reach the finish line.

      At the end of the meeting, participants received answers to their questions.

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