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    Samarkand State University was visited by Lyudmila Veselova and Alyona Korobochkina, teachers of the St. Petersburg branch of the National Research University “Higher School of Economics” of the Russian Federation.

    Specialists who are the leaders of the master's programs “Management”, “Oriental Studies” and “African Studies” held a seminar for students, masters and doctoral students on the topics: "Talent Management in China", "Changing the Role of Women in Modern Chinese Society", "Development of Cooperation between China and Japan in Central Asia : Peculiarities, Directions, Potential for Regional Development” and “A View from Japan on Russian-Chinese Relations in Central Asia”.

    During the seminar, experts gave detailed information on the history of individual countries of the East, their economic potential in the current processes of globalization and social problems.

    The seminar participants received answers to all their questions.

Samarkand State University
Information service,
Photos taken by Shavkat Akramov.