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The experience of italy in the field of fruit and viticulture is being studied…

    The practical trip of Dr. Mukhtor Nosirov - the CEO of the international cooperation division of Samarkand State University, and Dr. Toshpulot Rajabov – the director of the Institute of Agribiotechnology and Food Security, is ongoing in Italy. 
Mechanisms of cooperation between science and production are being studied in the case of Italian higher education institutions and production enterprises. For this purpose, a visit was organised to the “Agrintesa” company, one of Italy’s most significant agro clusters that specialise in fruit and viticulture. This company has fruit orchards such as apples, kiwi, apricots, grapes, walnuts, olives, and dates, and operates based on the principle of "from the field to the market". The company has fully implemented a science-based production system and constantly cooperates with scientists and specialists in higher educational institutions.
It was agreed that the specialists of this company would visit the Institute of Agrobiotechnologies and Food Safety of Samarkand State University and help to develop educational areas in the field of fruit and viticulture with their practical experience.