Parents of young people who were recommended to be students at Samarkand State University named after Sharof Rashidov on the basis of a grant in the new academic year are presented with letters of thanks from the rector of Samarkand State University, scientist of the Republic of Uzbekistan Rustam Kholmurodov.

    There is a great demand for free-thinking, active and responsible young people with a strong interest in learning for our society. It is not easy to educate young people in their place, to direct them to acquire knowledge from childhood. Although educational institutions have a role in this, the greatest responsibility rests with parents.

    On the initiative of the Rector of Samarkand State University, Rustam Kholmurodov, special letters of thanks and souvenirs are given to the parents of young people who scored high marks in the university entrance exams and were recommended for studentship on the basis of a grant. Students' parents, neighborhood activists and the general public are also invited to these awarding ceremonies. A parent who educates his child and raises another intellectual who is necessary for the society is shown as an example to the people of the neighborhood today.

    One of these events was held in Akkurgan neighborhood of Payariq district. Shirinboy Sobirov and Naima Sobirova, the parents of Dilafroz Rustamova, who was recommended to the Faculty of Philology of SamSU on the basis of a state grant, received a letter of thanks and souvenirs from the scientist of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Rustam Kholmurodov.

    - As excited as I was when my daughter started school, today my spirits rose like a mountain, - says Dilafroz's mother, Naima Sobirova. - Thank you to the teachers who are paying special attention to my daughter's studies and encouraging her even more. After today's attention, I intend that my daughter, God willing, will become a scientist and an intelligent person. If we are lucky, we will also teach it in master's and doctoral studies.

    - Dilafroz was interested in the native language and literature from a young age, - says Matluba Kholikova, a teacher of the 84th school in Payariq district, Dilafroz Rustamova's class leader. - We were also aware that he writes poems. Today, he became a student with his knowledge. I wish Dilafroz good luck in his future career at Samarkand State University. As a teacher, I can say that usually a lot of attention is paid to young athletes. But the fact that Samarkand State University, as a school of science, recognizes the desire to study and parents who support knowledge, shows that our society is really becoming intellectual. I am especially grateful to the rector of the university.

Otabek Sadullayev,

Samarkand State University

Information service officer.

Photos taken by Shavkat Akramov.