Peoples' Friendship University of Russia named after Patrice Lumumba  (RUDN) announces the “TOP STUDENT MOBILITY” Scholarship for the first semester of the 2023/2024 academic year.

The “TOP STUDENT MOBILITY” scholarship is a one-time cash payment in the amount of 55,000 rubles, assigned in 2023 to students, winners of the Competition, entering RUDN University for joint educational programs implemented in a network form (within double diplomas and included education), with a duration of at least three months in the main educational program.

At the end of September 2023, the Competition Committee will determine 29 winners who will receive the TOP STUDENT MOBILITY scholarship.

Competition dates:

- The first stage - acceptance of applications for participation in the Contest from 07/20/2023 to 09/29/2023;

- The second stage - processing of applications, preparation for consideration by the Competition Committee, holding a meeting of the Competition Committee from 07/20/2023 to 09/25/2023;

- Third stage - announcement of the winners of the Contest: 29.09.2023

In order to participate in the Contest, you must do the following:

Step 1: Submission of documents. Preparation and submission of documents in electronic form for studying at RUDN University for a period of at least 3 months as part of the main educational programs implemented in the network form. Documents must be sent to the email address .

The composition of the set of documents:

-application for participation in the competitive selection for a scholarship (application);

- application of the partner university and a document confirming the candidate's education (a copy and duly certified translation of the document into Russian);

- an extract with grades (transcript) for the entire period of study or a copy of the bachelor's degree (for masters) (a copy and duly certified translation of the document into Russian);

- motivation letter in Russian / English (template);

- a document confirming the level of proficiency in Russian/foreign language (copy and notarized translation into Russian);

- diplomas, certificates of winners of Competitions/Olympiads, information about scientific publications (if any), and certificate of participation in scientific conferences (copy and notarized translation into Russian).

Step 2: Competitive selection. The selection of winners is carried out on the basis of an evaluation sheet filled in by members of the Competition Committee. After that, a rating list of participants in the Contest is formed and its results are summed up. In case of an equal number of points for candidates in the rating list, the decision is made by the Commission individually for each candidate.

Step 3: Results of the Competition. The names of the winners of the Competition are posted on the official website of the University within 5 working days after the final meeting of the Competition Committee.

Step 4: Enrollment. Arrival in the Russian Federation and enrollment in an educational program implemented in a network form (in full-time format).

Step 5: Get a scholarship. Payment of funds on the bank card "Mir" is made by bank transfer in the presence of an order on appointment and an order on scholarship payment.

IMPORTANT! Scholarship support is provided to students who entered the RUDN University and are studying at the University in full-time format.