The COMSTECH Secretariat is the youngest member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

    Islamic Cooperation for Researchers, Engineers, Specialists and Scientists promote the scientific and technological progress of the Member States of the     Organization, mutually scientific scholarships and short-term trainings for the exchange of experience and knowledge announced.

    The competition is currently open to the following six programs.

    Details of the competition and the procedure for submitting applications can be found at the links:

    1) Scholarship Program for COMSTECH Researchers:

    2) Researchers in the field of virology and vaccine technologies and COMSTEC scholarships for advanced training

    3) COMSTECH Engineering Training Program

    4) (LDC) COMSTECH Research Fellowships for OIC Least Developed Countries.

    5) (LDC) COMSTECH Research Fellowships for Women from OIC Least Developed Countries

    6) COMSTECH - Scholarships and Research Scholarships for Palestinian Citizens.

COMSTECH will cover international airfare and visa fees.

The recipient educational institutions will be provided with housing, living expenses and scholarships (if applicable).