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Announcement of Open Call for Seeds for the Future 2022 (Huawei)

    The start of the eighth project "Seeds for the Future" in Uzbekistan is announced and senior students (3rd and 4th year) of technical specialties (STEM) are invited to participate in the program. Applications will be open until October 10, after which the best candidates with the highest academic performance and enthusiasm for learning will be selected.

    How to apply?

    Please contact [contact person of the university and email for Seeds applications] for more details and prepare the following application materials:

    -A resume

    -A transcript that proofs your academic records

    -A 3-min video and a 400-600 words motivation letter that reflects your objective to participate, your interest in ICT and China.

    - Other materials you’d like to share with us, such as academic articles, certificates of passed courses, awards, etc.

    Please send your documents to email  (zipped folder with files, or a link to cloud storage).

    Students who pass the first round of selection at the university will be invited to an interview with representatives of Huawei. The interview, as well as the subsequent project, will be conducted in English. Based on the results of the interview, the best students will become participants in the program, which will start in November 2022.

    Detailed information about the program can be found in this link, or at the International Cooperation Department of Samarkand State University.