Head of the department

Nizamov Aktam Numonovich

  •  Reception days: every day from 14:00 to 16:00
  •  Phone number: +99897 3986717
  •  Email: n-aktam@samdu.uz


• 1975-1979. - Student of the Samarkand Cooperative Institute
• 1979-1980. - Senior economist of the Samarkand branch of NII TSINOTUR, engineer of the catering department of the department of trade economics.
• 1980-1982. - Head of the Cabinet of Economics of Cooperation of the Samarkand Cooperative Institute.
• 1982-1985. - Postgraduate student of the Moscow Cooperative Institute.
• 1986-1989. - Junior Researcher of the Research Laboratory of the Samarkand Cooperative Institute.
• 1989-1992 - Assistant of the Department of Economics of Cooperation of the Samarkand Cooperative Institute.
• 1992-1998 - Associate Professor of the Department of Economics of Cooperation of the Samarkand Cooperative Institute
• 1998-1998 - Head of the Marketing Department of the Samarkand Cooperative Institute.
• 1998-2017 - Travel to the USA
• 2018-2020 - Associate Professor of the Department of Economic Theory, SamSU.
• 2020. Head of the Department of Economics of branches



The activity of the department began in 1927. At that time it was called the Department of Socio-Economic Sciences. In 1949 department began to work as an independent department under the name "Political Economy".
Associate Professor KA Pogrebinskaya as the first head of the department made a significant contribution to its formation and development.
In the 60s of the last century N.Y.Abdurazzokov, K.S.Saidov, Yu.N.Dunayev, N.U.Usmanov, V.Yu.Yashin, K.Y.Yuldashev, E.A.Alikulov, H.M.Sodikova, B.M.Mirzakhojayev, E.N.Khojayev Scientists such as Barakayev, N.Abdullayev, A.D.Daurov defended their dissertations. Later Yu.N.Dunayev, K.S.Saidov, E.A.Alikulov, L.V.Krivoruchko also defended their doctoral dissertations.
During the activity of the department Dunayev Yu.N., Saidov K.S, Alikulov E.A. such as leading professors headed the department.
Since 1991, the department has been called "Economic Theory". From 1993 to 2007 the department was headed by i.f.d., prof. Headed by E.A.Alikulov.
In 2008-2012, the department was headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor B.H. Turaev. During this period, 2 candidate dissertations and 1 doctoral dissertation were defended, and 2 candidate dissertations are on the verge of defense.
In 2012-2017, the department was headed by i.f.n., dos. B.M. Bobokulov, i.f.n. in 2017-2018, dos. D.A. Nasimov headed it.
Since September 2, 2020, i.f.n., associate professor A.N.Nizamov has been leading.
Today the department employs 14 professors and teachers. In particular, the head. Ph.D., Assoc. Nizamov A.N., i.f.d., prof. Turaev B.Kh., Ph.D., Assoc. Yuldashev Sh.K., Ph.D., Assoc. Bobokulov B.M., Phd. Ergashev, Assoc. Alibekova S.L., Ph.D., Assoc. Kuvondikov Sh.O., Ph.D., prof. Nasimov D.A., senior teachers Dzhumaev A.Kh. and Mirzakhodzhaev A.B., Dzhalolova S., teaching assistants Eshburiev Y.A., Rakhimova N.N., Murodov A., Orzikulova Z.
Professors and teachers of the department teach in the following subjects "Economic theory", "Macroeconomics", "History of economic doctrines", "Theory of economic education", "World economy" and international economic relations "," The national economy of Uzbekistan "," Methods of teaching economic sciences "," Institutional economics "," Economic history of Uzbekistan "," Global economic development "," Microeconomics "," Innovative models of socio-economic development "," Institutional theories "," Theories of monetary policy "," Modern theory of competition " , "Modern economic theories", "Modeling and forecasting socio-economic processes"
In the 2019-2020 academic year, 7 second-year undergraduates study at the department and 14 undergraduates are admitted to the first year in the specialty "Economic theory". There are also 3 basic doctoral students who are pursuing a doctorate in economic theory.
During the years of independence, the department defended candidate dissertations by B.M. Bobokulov, R.A. Seitmuratov, F.F. Niyazov, G. Ambartsumyan, L.N. Khalikova, Sh.K. Yuldashev, S.L. Alibekova, B.Kh. Turaev, Sh. Kuvondikov, D.A. Nasimov defended their candidate dissertations. In 2011, B.Kh. Turaev, in 2017 M.T. Alimova. In 2018 I.I. Ergashev defended his thesis for the degree of  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Themes and scientific directions of defended dissertations belong to the scientific direction of the department and are aimed at solving the most pressing problems of the economy of our country.
Science curricula taught at the department
• Economic theory
• History of economics
• Theory of economic development
• Microeconomics
• Regional economy
• Global economic development
• Theories of economic development
• Modern trends and concepts of economics
• Macroeconomics
• Knowledge economy
• Methods of teaching economics
• World Economy and Foreign Economic Relations
• Methods of teaching economics
• Modern economic theories
• Modern competition theories
• National economy of Uzbekistan
• The theory of well-being
• Institutional theories
• Monetary policy theory
• Innovative models of socio-economic development