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Head of the Department

Nigina Mullajonova

  •  Reception days: Every day (15:00 -17:00)
  •  Phone number: +99890 197-11-79
  •  Email:



1994-1996, - Artist, "Baraka Veteran" Society, Samarkand.

1996-1997 – Teacher, Secondary school No. 12,  Samarkand.

1997-2000 –Designer, A private company "Fayz", Samarkand

2000-2002 - Graduate student Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Construction.

2002-2008 – Lecturer, the Department of "Fine arts", Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Construction

2008-2011 – Lecturer, the Department "Design", Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Construction.  

2011-2015 – Lecturer, the Department "Art graphics and methods of education" in Samarkand State University

2015-2018 - Lecturer of the Department of "Fine Arts and Engineering Graphics", Samarkand State University,

2018-2019 - Senior Lecturer, the Department of Fine Arts and Engineering Graphics,  Faculty of Preschool Education, Samarkand State University,

2019-2021 - Head of the Department of "Engineering Graphics" of the Faculty of Art History Samarkand State University

Since 2021 – Associate Professor, Head of the Department of "Art History", Faculty of Sports and Art of Samarkand State University


In order to ensure the implementation of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 30, 2020 No. 408 "On measures to organize the activities of the Uzbek-Finnish Pedagogical Institute of Samarkand State University", by the resolution of the University Council dated July 7, 2021 No. l4, the Faculty of "Sports Activity and Art" was established at the university, which included the departments of "Sports activity", "Art history", "Interfacult physical Education".

According to the resolution of the Council of Samarkand State University dated July 7, 2021 for No. l4, the Departments of Engineering Graphics, Fine Arts and Music Education are united as part of the Department of Art History.

The Department of Art History began its activity on September 3, 2021, by order of the Rector of the University, Associate Professor N.J.Mullajonova was appointed head of the department.

Currently, the teaching staff of the department consists of 55 employees (38 on the main staff, 17 part-time), including 1 People's Artist of Uzbekistan, professor, 7 associate professors, 1 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), 1 Honored Worker of Culture of Uzbekistan, 7 senior teachers and 38 teachers. All teachers of the department are in constant search of scientific ideas. The staff of the department conducts educational, scientific and methodological, research, organizational and methodological, spiritual, educational and educational work. The main topic of scientific research of the department: "Problems of improving the quality and effectiveness of art history and engineering disciplines based on innovative technologies".

The department has scientific and creative circles "Musavvir" (scientific supervisor Zh. Rakhmatov), "Design" (supervisor Zh. Kholikov), "Young Engineer" (supervisor Sh. Zhumaev), "Applied Art" (supervisor Z.Istamov), "Vocalists" (head senior teacher M.Murodov), "Guldasta choir jamoasi" (heads O.Shodieva, U.Boliev), "Doirachilar" (head senior teacher A.Odilov), "Dutorchilar" (head Sh.Omonkulova), "Makomchilar ensembles" (director N.Khamrokulov) and "Orchestra" (director Sh.Hakkulov).

The department prepares bachelors in the following areas of study:

1. 60210800 - Applied art (by type)

2. 60210500 - Painting (monumental painting)

3. 60211400 - Vocal performance

4. 60211500 - Instrumental performance

5. 5110800 - Fine arts and engineering graphics

6. 5111100 - Music education

7. 5151700 - Organization and management of cultural and art institutions.


Currently, the department has agreements with universities:

1. Gzhel State University (Moscow, Russian Federation).

2. Russian State University of Tourism and Service (Moscow).

3. Karshi State University

4. Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute.

5. Navoi State Pedagogical Institute.


Work with musical distortions and programs

Music theory (harmony, analysis of musical compositions)

Vocal basics

Choir and choral singing

Music History

Musical education in preschool institutions

Status basics and traditional folk singing


Methods of making music


Ensemble class

Fundamentals of Musical Psychology

Technology and design of music education

World music culture.

Uzbek folk music creativity

Stage culture


Rhythmics in DOW

School repertoire

Organization of music clubs

Status basics and traditional folk singing

Working with music programs and taking notes

Melodies and songs from the repertoire of the instrumental school

Choral class

Team singing technique

Children's music literature

Traditional and folk singing

Vocals and modern music

Organization of music classes in preschool education

Uzbek folk oral art

Descriptive geometry


Engineering computer graphics.

Technique for teaching engineering graphics.

Basics of graphics

Practical perspective and shadow theory.

Architectural and construction drawing.

v / p Architectural elements of the building

Descriptive geometry and engineering graphics.


Applied art

Methods of teaching fine arts


Color studies (coloristics)


Visual activity (MTM)

History of fine art


Plastic anatomy

Applied art, decoration

Academic painting





Gypsum carving

Wood carving