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Department of Interfaculty pedagogy

Head of the department

Khasanova Kibriyo Khasanovna

  •  Reception days: Every day from 12:00 to 16:00
  •  Phone number: +998 93 342 53 53
  •  Email:


1971-1976 - Student of Samarkand State University

1974-1978 - Teacher of the 16th school of the Samarkand region

1978-1987 - Senior Laboratory Assistant, Department of Pedagogy, Samarkand State University

1987-1990 - Lecturer at the Department of Pedagogy, Samarkand State University.

1990-1997 - Senior Lecturer of the Department of Pedagogy, Samarkand State University

1997-2006 - Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogy, Samarkand State University

2006-2011 - Professor of the Department of Applied Pedagogy and Psychology, Samarkand State University.

2011-2013 - and about. Head of the Department of Pedagogy, Samarkand State University.

2013-2015 - Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogy, Samarkand State University

2015-2017 - Associate Professor of the Department of Preschool Education Methodology and Pedagogy, Samarkand State University

2017 - Doctor of Science - Head of the Department of Pedagogy, Samarkand State University

History of the Department of Interfaculty Pedagogy

    The department of pedagogy is on a par with the university. The merits of such scientists as academicians AMBakhouddinov, M.Ashrafiy, ASEfimov in the formation and transformation of the department into a scientific center were great. The main development of this scientific school is closely connected with the name of Professor AS Efimov. Under the leadership of Professor AS Efimov, Honored Scientist of Uzbekistan, who headed the Department of Pedagogy for many years, dozens of candidates of pedagogical sciences have been trained, who work in higher education institutions of Uzbekistan and neighboring countries.

    Prof. AS Efimov created his own scientific school, cultivating about 40 candidates of pedagogical sciences, associate professors F. Bozorov, S. Rahimov, H. Samatov, H. Abdurahimova, A. Choriev. In particular, H. Abdurahimova defended her dissertation on "International education in Uzbek families" under the direct guidance of the scientist.

    Bozorov F. Candidate's dissertations on "Mendeleev's scientific and pedagogical heritage and its study in higher pedagogical educational institutions of Uzbekistan", S. Rakhimov "Pedagogical views of Abu Ali ibn Sino" M. Sherboev "Educational issues in the collective farm family", A. Ganiev "Pedagogical views of S. Aini" published a number of scientific and theoretical works on this basis. Efimov Afanasy Semyonovich is recognized not only in Uzbekistan, but also in the Central Asian scientific and pedagogical community as one of the theorists of pedagogy.

    The scientist was once elected a member of a number of councils for the development of higher education and the coordination of pedagogical disciplines. He founded Samarkand University of Pedagogical Sciences in 1960 and served as its first rector. Under the leadership of the scientist, this university has become a favorite place among teachers. Intense, scientific-theoretical and practical cooperation prevailed in this school. This scientific institution, founded by AS Efimov, was called the department of pedagogy and psychology until 1980.

    Therefore, Professor Efimov Afanasy Semyonovich has made a great contribution to the development of not only pedagogical knowledge, but also scientific work in psychology. S. Rakhimov, a student of the coach, conducted extensive research in this area and brought up a number of his followers. EA Iskandarov, Y. Masharipov, E. Turakulov and others are among them. From 1988 to 1996, the department of pedagogy was headed by a student of Efimov Afanasy Semyonovich, "Excellence in Higher Education" docent F. Bozorov.

    During this period, such scientists as M. Semyonov, Yu. Akhrorov, K. Hasanova, G. Muzafffarova, I. Ilyasov, H. Buriev, I. Rozzikov successfully defended their dissertations.

    At different times, the department was headed by F. Bozorov, N. Shodiev, M. Ashurov, Yu. Akhrorov after AS Efimov.

    At present, the name of our department is "Department of Interfaculty Pedagogy." More than 30 professors and teachers work at our department.

    Head of the department:                                                   K.Hasanova