60310100 Economy by branches and sectors

60310900 Psychology (by type of activity)

60311000 - Sociology

60410500 - Banking and Audit

60411400 - Human resource management

60510100-Biology (by type)

60530100 - Chemistry (by type)

60530400 - Geography

60530500 - Geology (by field of activity)


60531000-Mechanics and mathematical modeling

60531200 - Medical physics


60540200-Applied Mathematics

60540300 Mathematical Engineering in Manufacturing

60610100 Computer Science and Programming Technology

60710400 Ecology and environmental protection, natural ecology

60810700-Agrochemistry and agrosoil science

60811000-Quarantine and plant protection

60811200 Breeding and seed production of agricultural crops

60811800-Fruit and vegetable growing and viticulture

60820100 Forestry and landscaping of residential areas

60920100 Social work in various fields of activity

60220300-History (by countries and directions)


60230100-Philology and Language Teaching (Russian)

60230100 Philology and Language Teaching: (Romano-Germanic Languages)

60230100-Philology and Language Teaching (Uzbek)