The textbook “Uzbek Language” by Badiya Mukhiddinova, Professor of the Uzbek Language and Literature Department of Samarkand State University, has been published.

 The textbook is mainly intended for non-Uzbek-speaking Russian groups. Therefore, information on the topic and some instructions for practical lessons are given in Russian. To make it easier for Russian groups to learn Uzbek, information on QR code, tutorials in pictures, online links and problem questions are provided. Grammatical knowledge is a means of expressing ideas, and the fact that the rules are given in both languages serves this purpose. The textbook has focused on practice - speaking - the problem of developing speech and thinking ability. Accordingly, the main part of the textbook consists of exercises, tasks, texts, illustrative dialogues, translations, tests and dictionaries. Each practical exercise is organized from a grammatical rule, a text, and a dictionary of unfamiliar words, and the texts can be an important resource in realizing learning and educational goals.