Juliboy Eltazarov graduated from the Faculty of Uzbek Philology of Samarkand State University (1985). Doctor of Philology, professor.
    Prof. Juliboy Eltazarov  in the past, for several years, he worked as the first vice-rector of the Silk Road University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage (2020-2024), dean of the Faculty of Philology of Samara State University, head of the Department of Uzbek linguistics (2005 -2007, 2015-2020).
    For many years, the scientist worked at leading higher education institutions abroad, including the Busan University of Foreign Studies (Republic of Korea, 1999-2000), the Humboldt University of Berlin and the Free University of Berlin (Germany, 2003-2005). ), at Osaka University (Japan, 2007-2010), at Mugla Sitki KoçmanUniversity   (Republic of Turkey, 2010-2014).