Sarvinoz Jurakulova is a doctoral student at the Department of Industrial Economics at Samarkand State University. Conducts research on the topic “Effective strategy for the development of agrotourism” under the scientific guidance of Bakhodir Turaev, professor at Tashkent Technological University. Foreign supervisor - Proveen Malla, professor at Bombay Technological University, India.

      About 10 articles by the researcher were published in international journals and at national conferences in countries such as Russia, China, Iran and India. Has a national certificate of proficiency in foreign languages B2.

      “The main goal of the study is to develop and develop a strategy for the effective development of agritourism in the context of digitalization of the economy,” says Sarvinoz Jurakulova. - Based on the introduction of directions for the development of the market for agritourism services, as well as on the basis of increasing the efficiency of their use, scientifically based proposals and recommendations are being developed... Agrotourism is a unique type of rural tourism, which reduces the gap between rural and urban residents. This is still an underdeveloped, emerging market. The younger generation is characterized not only by the desire to have fun, but also to learn. In this sense, agritourism includes a segment of educational tourism, through which the tourist learns about various activities related to the daily activities of farms. In agritourism, tourists engage in agriculture together with farmers, participating in the cultivation and harvesting of crops. Educational agritourism is growing rapidly in various agricultural and non-agricultural educational institutions and is likely to remain popular for a long time... Agritourism agencies play a very important role in the sale of agritourism packages. People are almost unaware of agritourism, ecotourism and related concepts. This is an unexplored area of the tourism industry that few people know about. It is known that agrotourism is an effective means of rural development. Agritourism improves rural infrastructure and creates new jobs as an additional source of income for farmers and peasant households. In Uzbekistan, where almost half the population lives in rural areas, agritourism has great potential and can become one of the driving forces of agrarian reforms...


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