Published textbook “History of Science and Technology” by Akmal Yakubov, Ph.D., teacher at the Department of History and Source Studies at Samarkand State University.
      This textbook was created with the aim of clarifying the goals and objectives of the science “History of Science and Technology”, the content and essence of modern inventions occurring in the world of science and technology in the context of globalization. Also give students an idea of technological advances and their impact on the socio-economic life of mankind, which have taken place over several centuries in the history of the development of world science and technology.
      By analyzing the complex of scientific literature attached to each topic, the author tries to historically analyze the trends in the development of modern sciences, in which the history of the development of science and technology occupies an important place. At the same time, the main goal of this subject, included in the specialty curriculum, directs students to study the essence of the development of science and technology.

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