The international seminar, held at Samarkand State University, was organized in collaboration with the UN CORDEX program.

      CORDEX is a project organized by the World Climate Research Program to assess and improve regional mitigation efforts in a warming era.

      The main goal of the workshop is to reduce regional and local climate phenomena, their variability and changes, evaluate and improve models and methods for regional and local climate reduction. It also aims to develop a globally coordinated set of regional forecasts, promoting communication and knowledge sharing with users of regional climate data.

      About 20 scientists from countries such as Canada, USA, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Sweden, and Pakistan took part in the international seminar. CORDEX program participants Shawkat Ali, senior researcher at the Canadian Center for Global Children's Health, Michelle Reboita, professor at the University of Itajuba in Brazil, atmospheric scientist, Ai Likun, professor at the Tibetan Plateau Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, spoke about the issues raised during the conference. , Chief Scientist, Pakistan Center for Global Change Impact Research, Muhammad Arif Gohir, CORDEX Project Director, Irene Lake.

      As a result of the seminar, an agreement was reached on cooperation with industry experts on international projects, organizing distance learning courses for young research scientists on creating models of global climate change.

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