In an informal and lively discussion, changes in the education system, requirements for admission to master's programs, and the importance of learning a foreign language were discussed.

      - Life is a fight. Only those who have strong knowledge and potential will win this fight,” says Rustam Khalmuradov, rector of Samarkand State University, scientist of the Republic of Uzbekistan, member of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis. - You are going to graduate from university. A bachelor's degree is entry into a specialty. In world experience, higher education is assessed by a master's degree. To enter a master's program, knowledge of a foreign language is required. Learning a foreign language should become a necessity for you. Language will always help you. We wish you to know a foreign language and study, and support you in this regard...

      During the meeting, Rustam Khalmuradov said that three days a week English language courses are organized for students recommended by the leadership of SamSU institutes and faculties. He stressed that qualified teachers will be recruited for these courses and the classes will be conducted free of charge.

      “The organization of free English language courses at the university has become a relief for hundreds of students,” says Feruza Kodirova, a teacher at the Department of English at SamSU. - Boys and girls can now improve their language skills not somewhere else, but at their faculty. In addition, we, teachers, are required to take great responsibility.

      - The meeting of the rector with the students was emotional. “Today was a good opportunity for students,” says student of the Faculty of Mathematics Abror Majidov. - Free English courses will be organized. Students from other universities may not be given this opportunity. I am grateful to the rector of Samarkand State University Rustam Khalmuradov. We need to learn better to justify the conditions created.

Information service of Samarkand State University,
Photos were taken by Shavkat AKRAMOV.