All higher educational institutions of the republic, except art universities, can participate in the competition in teams of up to 12 students.

     In the competition, teams compete against each other under 3 conditions:

      Condition 1: Visual representation of “The Life of a Writer”;

      Condition 2: Quick question and answer;

      Condition 3: “Theatrical composition from the life and work of writers.”

      The winners of the competition will be awarded in the following order:

     Members of the winning team at the regional stage will be awarded tablets, diplomas and certificates of honor at the expense of extra-budgetary funds from the educational institution in which they study.

     The winners of the republican stage will be awarded diplomas and cash prizes from the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation.

      1st place – 40 million soums;

      2nd place – 25 million soums;

      3rd place – 20 million soums;

      4th place – 10 million soums;

      5th place – 5 million soums.

     Students wishing to take part in the competition can contact the Youth, Spirituality and Education representatives of the university where they study.

    Regulations on the competition