This conference, held at Samarkand State University, was organized with the aim of discussing synergistic problems of social stability, ensuring the participation of foreign and local experts, teachers, students and researchers, industry scientists, as well as the widespread application of scientific achievements in the field of education.

      The main goal of the conference is a theoretical and methodological analysis of stability and instability in society in the conditions of New Uzbekistan, the fact that synergetics creates a new way of thinking, ensures integration in the field of science, and solves problems in this area.

      At the conference, the main topic of discussion was the renewal of philosophy, new principles of development, worldview and methodology.

      The conference discussed factors and philosophical principles for ensuring social stability, a synergistic interpretation of stability and instability in society, trends in social stability in the new Uzbekistan, the role of the state and society in ensuring social stability, a synergistic approach to solving problems of science, education and innovation in the era of globalization.

Information service of Samarkand State University,
Photos were taken by Shavkat AKRAMOV.