Rector of Samarkand State University, scientist of the Republic of Uzbekistan, deputy of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis Rustam Khalmuradov presents letters of gratitude to parents who create conditions for their child’s education and use them.

      Shokhrukh Urozov, living in the Korasuv mahalla of the Pastdargom district, was one of the first to be admitted to Samarkand State University this academic year on the basis of a state grant. Today he is studying software engineering at the Faculty of Intelligent Systems and Computer Technologies.

      At the initiative of the rector of Samarkand State University, Rustam Khalmuradov, a project was created to encourage parents who are not indifferent to the education and education of their children. As part of this project, the parents of Shokhrukh Urozov, Fazliddin Sharipov and Aziza Naimanova, were given special thanks and souvenirs from Rustam Khalmuradov.

      At an event organized at school 87 of the Pastdargom district, where Shokhrukh Urozov studied, his parents were shown to the residents of the mahalla as an example of the scientific education of their children, and his successes became a great inspiration for young people.

      “Thank you to the rector of SamSU for such attention to my child,” says Aziza Naimanova, Shokhrukh’s mother. - To be honest, today was a great day for me. For us, my son’s admission to Samarkand State University was very good news. Your attention raised my mood to the heights of the mountains. I didn't think the way we were raising my child would bear fruit so early.

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