12 Chinese students were accepted to study economics at the Institute of Human Resource Management and Mahalla Development of Samarkand State University.

      Vice-Rector for International Cooperation of SamSU Akmal Akhatov and the directors of the institute, associate professor Shokhrukh Jurakulov met with Chinese students and gave detailed information about the university.

      12 students will be trained in a separate group at SamSU and by Chinese professors. Students who successfully complete their studies will receive a diploma from Samarkand State University.

      A number of foreign students will come to Samarkand State University for a certain period of time as part of an exchange program, says Akmal Akhatov. - We accepted these students on the basis of a contract. Samarkand State University has created all the conditions for the education of foreign boys and girls. We have attracted local and foreign professors and teachers who speak foreign languages. We will train students according to the international program.

     I became a student at Samarkand State University. When we got acquainted with the conditions, my attention was attracted by the presence of the Chinese Language and Culture Center and Confucius Square,” said Chinese student Hou Ruifeng. - I was glad to see in the building where we study, paintings and symbolic signs depicting Uzbek and Chinese culture. Our classes are conducted in English. The most important thing is that we have all the amenities for studying and living.

     I came to Samarkand for the first time, and I really liked the city. We brought our children to Samarkand State University,” says Yue Haiou, the student’s mother. - A dormitory was allocated from the place of residence of foreign students. The conditions are very good. I am glad that more than 10 foreign students study here. Among them are Chinese students and researchers. The teachers familiarized themselves with the activities of Samarkand State University. Students study in beautiful and modern buildings.

Bekhruz Shamsiddinov,
employee of the information service of
Samarkand State University.
Photos were taken by Shavkat AKRAMOV