At Samarkand State University, together with the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, the National Team of Experts on Higher Education Reform Erasmus+ (HEREs), a seminar was held on writing and presenting projects under the ERASMUS program.

      The training seminar was attended by local project coordinators and team members from 8 Samarkand higher education institutions participating in 19 projects (including 14 completed and 5 ongoing), higher education stakeholders, as well as representatives of non-academic partner organizations.

      It includes assessing the impact of completed projects at different levels (individual, institutional, systemic and national), enhancing synergy and interaction between CBHE projects involving Samarkand higher education institutions, and promoting the results and achievements of ongoing and completed projects among stakeholders. The issue of distribution and analysis of the reasons for the decrease in the participation of universities in the region in the CBHE program is raised.

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Samarkand State University.